Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ready for tomorrow

Tomorrow I am taking the day off from work. This morning I made a list of all I want to accomplish and the list keeps getting longer. I have an appointment in the morning, I am hoping that maybe my sister will swing by with little “I” (hint hint), I am going to be working from home on my Thirty-One business, Bella is going to get a bath, I hope to attempt to make cake balls, and I am going to finish up the blog candy and hope to post the item on Friday! I am so ready for tomorrow!

Yes…you did read that correctly. I hope to host my first contest/drawing on Friday. So be on the lookout! It is the middle of winter and why not add a little excitement to you readers!

Did you watch the Biggest Loser last night? Oh my…I can’t wait to see next week. I am slacking on 24, my mom asked me yesterday if I have been watching and the answer was no…I have them all recorded but haven’t sat down to watch any of them yet. I am behind! And I didn’t catch American Idol last night either, I got all wrapped up in watching the Biggest Loser and some of the inaugural events. Maybe I can get caught up tonight.

Enjoy you afternoon.

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