Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A bit of this and a bit of that

Today is my day with "Y"....yes...I have taken the day off to spend with him as Hubs is working.  I am really hoping he sleeps till like 10....as he and I stayed up late and watched Home Alone 4 last night after Hubs went to bed. Which, by the way, I do not recommend seeing...but he insisted. The first two are so much better.

So...what is my plan with the teenager today?  Well..I am hoping to keep him BUSY. The plan is to hopefully convince him to go see a movie....and we may go to one of those crazy arcade places so that he can play until he drops.  Hubs says he will be home later afternoon ...I can handle it. Well...at least I think so. ha! :)


Our dining room table has now been converted into a ping pong table. Yes, yesterday the guys went out to Sears and bought the paddles, net and balls and played till Y was tired of getting beat by Hubs.  I can hear many more games being played in the next week.


I think I may take one of our Christmas trees down today....it is sad indeed...but I think it will just give us more room in our family room. I won't take our larger tree down as presents are still under it and I will wait until we get to exchange the rest of the gifts with our family....hoping Friday/Saturday! 


Have you been thinking of any New Year's resolutions? I have! I have my list started and am going to make a commitment to keep them! (ya..right!...welll....I will try at least).


I will leave you with a few more of my FAVORITE Christmas presents

1. I got this coat in black....and I LOVE it!

2. I received the Pioneer Woman's Cookbook for Christmas...I can't wait to use it! And I have been enjoying reading it too!! LOVE THE PW!

3. I also received this CD...which I was wanting since the Christmas season started...
    I can't stop listening to it!!

4. I also received one of those Digital Picture Frames.....Hubs said I needed it.  Now if I could only get him
    let me take pictures of him!

5.  And finally.....I received a pair of lounge pants in the color BERRY......they make me smile every time I    look at them....I think everyone should have a cheerful colored pair of comfy pants!


That wraps it up for me now...Hoping you all are staying warm!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Oh how I love my new chocolate brown boots

For Christmas....from my hubby....I received these!

Let me just tell ya'll....they are heavenly..warm, cozy, comfortable and I never want to ever take them off...well at least until it hits 70 degrees out....I had asked for a pair for Christmas....and well..to be quite honest...I ordered them online...had them shipped to the hubby and he wrapped them up for me as one of his gifts....one of the best ideas I have ever done! ha!

The funniest part is that he had no idea what was in the box, didn't open it...just wrapped it up and put a name tag on it from him to me. He was just as curious when I opened it as I was to see them in person!  I am not sure he was as fond of them as I was...his reaction was...."oh....I got you....brown snow boots?!"  I kindly reminded him....no honey..they aren't snow boots....these are boots to wear out and about for some warmth and fashion! lol!

Oh they are even better in person than online! No - they are not the UGG brand...but to me...just as wonderful! They are the EMU brand...and I have fallen in love with them. 

And I just had to share with you my new brown chocolate boots.

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Today we had the pleasure of meeting the newest member of our family....Stash!  He is Miss Bella's new cousin...and is just adorable! He is half boxer and half bulldog...my brother and SIL stopped by today to exchange gifts with us and brought Stash with them.  They had just picked him up from the breeder.  So cute! For one minute...I thought I was ready for another puppy....and then reality set in and I realized...Bella is enough dog for us right now.  But Stash can come and play anytime!

He is 6 weeks old....and looks to be like he is going to be a pretty big dog....he just snuggled right up to us all and fell asleep..so cute!

I am also behind on posting you pics of our Christmas morning snow we had....I took these pics with our new camcorder...still like my camera better for picture taking anyways..

We had a great visit with Jase and Brey...wishing they could have stayed longer...but they wanted to go show Stash his new home.  We loved our gifts from them!! Here are the gifts we gave them....

To Brey we gave a cookbook, coasters and an apron that I ordered from HeatherHillClothing on Etsy.com. This picture doesn't show you all how great it really was...but it was awesome..
and she was so excited to get it!!

For my brother, Jase, we gave him a long sleeved tshirt for NWMSU (our alma mater) - they won the National Championship for Division II football this year.

Y received an Itune giftcard and a Mizzou zipped jacket, Hubby received two more blue ray dvds and I received a Mizzou tshirt and giftcard to Target. Thank you for the gifts!!

We also sent a pan of the PW cinnamon rolls that I made a few days ago....going to freeze the rest so that the rest of my family gets some hopefully this weekend. 

Thanks to all of you who have posted comments on "Y". I really appreciate all the thoughts, suggestions and advice.  I think you are right...it is nerves/stress/anxiety related and he is homesick...I feel bad for him as I know it has got to be hard for him.

To answer a few, Y is my Hubby's son from his first marriage. 
He seems to have sleep problems at home as well, but from what his mom has said he hasn't had problems for a few months. 
I don't believe he has any problems when he goes to spend the night with any of his friends.  but then again I am not sure how often he really goes to spend the night with any of them.
He kept Hubby up last night from 11 - 2 crying and wanting his mom and then he woke up this morning and doesn't remember any of it.  (and this was after he already knew he was going to spend the night in our bed with Hubs)
We have asked him if he wants to go see a doctor to see if they can help him and he said no...
it's just acid reflux.
We have stopped all sweets entirely...no sugar for him at all...as he ate a TON yesterday

We will see how well he does tonight.....I am heading up to the guest room shortly.  I am working tomorrow...and am ready to get out of the house and have some time without the guys....we finally got out today and went to the movie Sherlock Holmes. It felt so good!

Good night all

Sleepin in the guest room

Well I have just finished night three of sleeping in our guest room.  I wasn't going to blog about this topic, but then I thought maybe there is someone out there who is going through a similar circumstance and has some advice.

"Y" (my hubby's son) is 13 years old....and he has always had trouble sleeping.  It has become a routine with him when he comes to our house that he comes into our bedroom every couple of hours and wakes us both up telling us he can't sleep and that his stomach hurts.  We thought we would test this again the first night he was here for this visit and sure enough....at about 4 in the morning he was still awake and fighting going to sleep. He didn't want to sleep in his own room. So Hubs told him to get into our bed....and I kindly decided that enough was enough and went into the guest room to sleep.

Sure enough in like 5 minutes he was calmly asleep.  The next night Hubs and I discussed the situation and decided that it was in everyones best interest to just let him sleep in our room with Hubs  (me in the guest room with the dog) instead of all of us waking up every couple of hours....sure enough...it worked again and he went right to sleep.

I don't know what it is for sure...he says he gets nervous.....but he has been here enough times now that I would think he would be use to his own room...or am I wrong?  He has his own tv...with hundreds of channels to watch as well as a DVD player, his new iphone which he doesn't want to play with very much (I don't get that!) and he has an iphone to listen too...none of it matters.

He also talks about his stomach hurting....we have taken away all soda, cut off eating after 7, no candy after 5, and still can't get it right.  We have had a discussion with his mom and she has suggested giving him some Mylanta before bed...we have tried that...and it doesn't work. I can honestly say I think he needs to see a doctor about it.  I really think there is something else going on and he just isn't telling us.

I decided to try and do some research online about it last night after they had gone to bed.  Part of what I read said to not worry about it...he will grow out of it and to treasure the time that he still wants to be close to his parents....but the another side of it said there may be something more going on and to have it checked out...especially when he will be 14 in July. 

To be honest, it was cute and fine with me when he was 8 and 9 years old...but now that he is larger than me..it is a bit awkward. 

I want him to feel comfortable and safe....and he says he does....but what Hubs and I don't understand is why he doesn't enjoy his own room....it is every kids dream....and yet...he refuses to sleep in it or anywhere else in the house except in our room. If we are together in a hotel room...he is fine and will sleep in his own bed...but in our house....totally different story. 

I don't know..maybe I am being a little bit over dramatic about the situation. I just wish I could figure it out.

I think this morning...I just needed to write it all out and vent. Thanks y'all.  I will be back later to write about something more entertaining. :) For now I am going to enjoy my quiet time by the fire and drink some java.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Our Christmas at home

Due to the weather this year, we spent Christmas Day at home.  We were so happy to have "Y" here and loved waking up in our own beds and opening presents together.  I had hoped to make it up to my parents and aunt and uncle's home later on yesterday, but due to road closures, it was just not possible. We haven't decided when we will be exchanging gifts with all of them yet, but hoping soon. :)

Santa found "Y" here in the midwest this year and decided it was time for him to have an iphone...

Santa also visited Bella and she loves her new toys.

And hubby loved his new Blue Ray DVD player too....the added bonus is that he also received some new dvds...which was nice to have since we have been snowed in!

We  have a new video camera that I have been trying to use...but still learning all the new ways of installing them on my laptop. Hopefully, I will get a video or two posted later tonight.

I have been home now for three days...and am really enjoying my jammies! "Y" asked to go to a movie tonight...and hubby told him that it is sold out...we don't feel like getting out in the cold....perhaps tomorrow afternoon.  Another night of movies, coffee/hot chocolate and snacks. Got to love it!

Hoping you all enjoyed you Christmas...whether it was in the Blizzard or not! :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Nothing like last minute..

Tonight, I finally decided that with crazy weather coming in tomorrow...I needed to get to Target and Bed Bath and Beyond and finish my shopping....of course....I am STILL not done.  I went to Target with every intention of finishing...but I just couldn't find a few things....so then I head to BB&B hoping I could cover the rest there....well...I knocked off two more...but still have one more gift, one more small item...and stocking stuffers.  Geesh! I can't believe I am so unorganized this year. Oh...and don't go to Target for powdered sugar....they are completely out! Another item I still need. Ha! :)

I love to give gifts...but for some reason...this year...not in the mood.....I am not too excited about my poor Dad's gift...sorry Dad! And then...my Uncle...still have to get his present tomorrow or Christmas Eve! I am totally kicking myself for waiting so long! I am also waiting on three gifts to arrive via mail...they have all been shipped so hoping they arrive tomorrow.

Our teenager - aka - "Y", who's voice has changed dramatically, arrives tomorrow evening.  Hubby says that his voice is now really deep and that he sounds like he is talking to himself.  How funny! I am excited to see how much he has changed and grown in just a few months.

Shopping for him is complete! Thank goodness! Buying for a 13 year old is harder than I thought! I hope our gifts are "cool" enough. :)

I can't wait to be done tomorrow with work for the week. I LOVE my job....however this week has been a little nutty.....I wish I could share the details with you all...but let me just say that we have had some extra protection floating around our building this week due to an unhappy former employee....perhaps you can get the picture that way.  Goodness....nothing like a little something extra the week of Christmas!

We shut down at 3:00 tomorrow and don't open again until Monday! WOO HOO! Goal for lunch tomorrow is get stocking stuffers, one gift and powdered sugar....think I can handle it? I then want to just be able to go home right at 3:00 and begin baking...all the items I thought I would bake for the last two weeks....shall I say...I need a double oven!  On the list....gingerbread cookies, sugar cookies, peanut clusters, chex mix, cinnamon rolls, and more. :)  I plan to put on some White Christmas...(yes...it will be the third time I have watched it this year) and hum along while I work in the kitchen.  I can't wait! Now if it would just snow while I was doing all that. I guess I will have wait until Christmas day.

So...it's 11:15 and I know I should get to bed now...but I am just enjoying my quiet time alone in our family room....as it is lit up only by our Christmas tree...I wrapped presents tonight...not all of them...but at least half...hey...I made some progress at least. Ha!

I love evenings like this...peace and quiet.....just nothing quite like it.

Oh yes....the plaid ruffled top I showed you all.....from the Gap..and on sale now! :)

And...welcome to my new followers! So happy you have joined me on this crazy life journey I am on!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Dear Santa

I don't know what it is about this shirt...but I have been eyeing it for MONTHS......and I just love it....if you have room on your list....I would love one.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Mannheim Steamrollers

My Mom is to blame for me LOVING Christmas so much! Christmas decorations, Christmas music, Christmas movies, etc...it's all her fault...and I love her for it! 

For as long as I can remember, when it was time to decorate for Christmas, the music would go on in our house and we would sing along while decorating.  This year for our Mom's birthday, we decided to give her tickets to see the Mannheim Steamrollers in concert.  She has always enjoyed their music and I must say it has rubbed off on me.

Last year, we "women" went to the spa for a day together...this year...we went out to eat at Zio's (I had never been there before...and it was delicious!) and then off to the concert we went. 

Here we are before it started....

We played musical chairs as we took all these pics! We are so silly!

The concert was AMAZING! Loved every minute of it!!! So much better in PERSON!!! I always wondered how they got so many different musical sounds....now that I know they play so many different instruments I am even more awestruck!  I couldn't help but leave the event center feeling happy inside!!

If you haven't seen them in concert, I think it should be a must on your list...my sister liked it so much she thinks we should go see them every year! 

Thanks ladies for a wonderful night! Love you all!    

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Place

This week has been full of emotions....I don't know where to really begin and I am not sure I am in the mood to share it all with you.  All I can say is this, I refuse to let the negativeness ruin my Christmas cheer! Not only has it been hitting me...but some of those closest to me...and really...I have just about had enough of the evilness in this world trying to take over and ruin Christmas for those that are closest to me. 

Just when things are going so smoothly, BAM, it happens where everything seems to feel like it is crashing down around me.  UGH! Hate when that happens. Enough said 'bout that.

I am much better today than I was yesterday and am SO excited as tonight I get to spend the evening with three of my favorite ladies! My Mom, Sissie and SIL! We bought our Mom tickets to see the Mannheim Steamrollers for her birthday and tonight is the night! I CAN'T wait! We are meeting for dinner then heading to the show.  I am so ready for some happy holiday cheer! 

On another note, I am STILL trying to get all of my Christmas shopping done.....I think Sunday is going to have to be the day to finish...as Christmas is coming fast! Anybody else feel that way? I can't believe it is next week! I haven't even gotten Christmas Cards together..I am so behind....I don't even have any bought! So...you all might not be getting any from me unless I get something together on Friday night!

A dear friend of mine (who I could not got through life without), reminded me this week that I need to find my Happy Place this holiday season.  To just stop what I am doing and do something that will make me happy...bring me to that moment of peace....for some it may be sitting by the Christmas tree in silence looking at the lights, for others it may be reading books to your 6 year old little girl in bed every night instead of worrying about the gifts still to buy or presents that need wrapped, or it could be just taking the time to drive around and look at all the beautiful Christmas lights in your neighborhood instead of going Christmas shopping. For me, I am working on this. At the moment, my happy place is when I just sit in my car and listen to the song O Holy Night, it brings me peace.  Have you taken the time to find your happy place this Christmas season?

PS- The See's Candies - can be found online at http://www.sees.com/ and you can look up a location that sells them near you.  :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A gift

There is nothing better than coming into work on a cold winter morning and finding two boxes of candy and a Christmas card sitting on my desk. I sat and studied the card for what seemed to be at least 20 minutes...ok...maybe not that long...but I couldn't figure out who the heck it was from. The person signed the card - "May you have a great holiday season and a happy new year - signed"....?? What...how could I not recognize the signature...if the maintenance manager hadn't walked by...I may have sat here all day trying to figure it out!   Ah....the VP of HR....duh...my boss! Oh good grief....how could I not get that!

Anyways.....I placed the two boxes of candy in the bottom drawer of my desk...and thought...hmmm..who should I give them too......you see...I am just not a HUGE chocolate fan...I know...hard to believe with my Mom and Sis loving it so much......and I didn't really know what the candies were....I had never had them before..nor was I sure that I had ever heard of them either...I just didn't think they would be worth keeping.

A few hours later....I got hungry....the morning was dragging and I thought...well.....maybe I should try one...just one.....so I opened this....

And it was HEAVEN.....not only did I have one...but four more!! I think I could seriously eat the entire box of See's Candies! How in the world could I have almost missed this opportunity! I must get the gym soon...or I can see them all going straight to my hips!

I don't know about you...but if you haven't tried these...you are seriously missing out....and if you are looking for a gift for someone hard to shop for....you should order them this!

Monday, December 14, 2009

My Favorite Christmas Movies

This weekend, I enjoyed just being home with my Hubs. I haven't had a free weekend in over a month and it was so nice to just hang out and do whatever we felt like.

We went to see the movie 2012 on Saturday afternoon - not a good movie...but it was nice to get out.  Hubby also took me out for some bbq! It was so nice not to cook.  I had all these plans to bake while I was home this weekend and instead I just made more gingerbread dough...hoping to bake the cookies tomorrow night.

Tonight we are watching the newest Harry Potter that is out on DVD. We are HUGE fans of the movies!! While we were picking out some movies yesterday, I began to set the DVR to record all of my favorite Christmas movies....here is the list I came up with-

White Christmas - my all time favorite!
Holiday Inn
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
Home Alone 1 & 2
Charlie Brown's Christmas
The Night They Saved Christmas
Christmas with the Kranks
How the Grinch Stole Christmas
A Very Brady Christmas - I know...you may be thinking...what?? But I just LOVE to see the Brady kids all grown up!!
Miracle on 34th Street
The Muppets Christmas in the Country
Santa Claus the movie
It's a Wonderful Life

Gosh! My list could go on and on!!! I have a lot to watch before Christmas!! What are yours??

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Our Christmas Lights

Last year, we didn't put any outdoor lighting on the outside of our house. This year, I told Hubby....we were not going to go without lights outside....so on one of the 60 degree days in November...I had fun outside decorating!

I tried taking pics tonight......taking pics in the dark is not my specialty...but I thought I would share.

And now...more upclose...I took greenery and wrapped lights around them all and then wrapped red ribbon around them...I love RED!

I also decided to remove the bows I used last year on our Christmas wreaths
 and added some red christmas balls..

Looking in at our christmas tree...

and last but not least...our sign that greets you on our front porch...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Holiday Home Tour

This year I have decided to participate in Southern Hospitalities Holiday Home Tour...so come on in and enjoy!

This year I have used lighted greenery on the outside of our home as well as the stairway inside! I just love all the flickering lights....makes it so warm and inviting!

So I am not sure that our trees have themes...well maybe they do. This is the tree that you see in our front window. It has a bit of a country theme to it...Hubby called it the "ball tree" when I first started decorating it this year....so I had to get a few more NON ball items to add to it. I would love to add some more, but think I will wait until after this holiday season to see what I can get for a discount!

Here are a few more of my favorite items in the room....

As you walk into the back part of our home you will see this on our side table.......

And to the left is our bathroom.....with a few items too...I LOVE SNOWMEN!!!

Then on into the kitchen....a few items I have set out....

This little snowman my Mom bought for me this year....isn't he cute! :)

We then head onto the dining area....our centerpiece without candles (I will get them eventually) and then...our hutch with my new banner! I love it!!

In our family room we also have a tree....my hope one day is to have several more trees...but two will do for now...the tree in our family room is Hubby's favorite. It is a tree that reminds me of when I was a child. All the ornaments on the tree I received from Santa Claus (heck we still get them now). Santa always places ornaments on my parents tree for us to find on Christmas morning. This year I also added a few keepsake ornaments that my Grandpa and Grandma B always had one their tree too...I could sit by the tree for hours and just dream.  Also, my parents have always had a multi colored tree...and I knew I would just have to have one in my home one day....

Also, is our fireplace...another hope to have stockings with our names on them...I just have to find the right ones. :)

And a few more pics from our family room...I love Christmas!

With being so sick these past few weeks...I just haven't felt like my normal self...I had hopes to decorate more....but haven't been able to find the time...Hope you enjoyed the tour....be sure to check out more holiday homes! :)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


It's finally snowing here!! I am so happy!!! It is coming down pretty good too!! I feel like I have been waiting ALL DAY for it to start snowing. Goodness! 

I think my parents last mentioned they had over 8 inches...not sure how much we will end up with here...to top it off the winds are going to pick up over night and the high tomorrow is like 10 degrees! Craziness!

I am feeling better today....still pretty congested...but not as miserable. I ended up going into work and was happy to get a few things caught up. 

I am behind on everything this week...too bad we don't have work snow days! ha! I am just thankful I don't have to far to get to work tomorrow morning. 

Hope you all are staying warm!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Sinus infection

Well....I woke up this morning feeling crummy again...so I made myself a doctor's appointment and left work after trying to stick it out for 3 hours. I am not feeling like myself....and the doctor has prescribed me some meds..as I have a sinus infection. 

I am so ready for it to kick in and get this gunk out of me! Seriously....I hate feeling this way.  Hubby was feeling better today and headed off to work...he should be home shortly to make me some soup for dinner.

I was just about asleep a half hour ago and someone rang our doorbell. ERRR! I went to the door..no one was there...go figure...just when I was about asleep!

So...I am sipping on some warm decaf coffee and watching White Christmas.  I LOVE THIS MOVIE!

Sounds like the snow is coming tomorrow....the big question is...how much will we get!??? I am excited....it will sure put me in the mood for Christmas!

I need to get better real quick...I have bunco and cookie exchange this week, a birthday lunch for a coworker, a holiday lunch at work on Friday, a thirty-one party Friday night and cookie day with my sis, sil, mom and nephew on Saturday. Phew! Did you get all that??

Off to finish my movie and try and get some more rest...stay warm.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


So the wedding was wonderful! It has been a very long, tiring, but fun weekend. My brother and I arrived just in time to the rehearsal on Friday evening.  We had a yummy dinner and then rehearsed for the wedding a couple of times.

Saturday morning, we all hung out together at my parents house and enjoyed just hanging out with one another.  Little "I" had the best time with all of his friends that are at mama and papa's house. Here he is watching the Muppets Christmas in the Country movie. HE LOVES IT! As do I! :) 

Our cousin Nae arrived later on in the morning to do our hair. She did a great job! Especially, since we weren't much help...well Kid had pictures...me...I had no idea. I just didn't want to have to do my hair myself!

Kid, Jase and I headed off to the church for pictures...that was the hardest part..as we had about 3 hours before the wedding arrived...so it made it a LONG afternoon.  Tab's aunt was the photographer....and I am hoping to get some copies from her as I just about had it with my camera. I decided that is what I want for Christmas as I was so disappointed with the pictures that I took!  But....despite the frustration I will show you a few of what turned out ok.

Here is the wedding party - I loved her colors!! Black, white, silver and baby blue...such great colors for winter! And the flower girls threw snowflackes instead of flower petals...ADORABLE!

The beautiful LIVE Christmas tree the church had all decorated...

The bride and groom with the ushers...my brother is on the very left.
The beautiful bride

The bride's family..

My sister and her family. :)

Me and my siblings....

The groom's cake....

The wedding cake...

The bride and her Godparents....(my parents)

My little "sis" and nephew....

Mamma and I dancing...

By the end of the night...someone was tired and bored...and picking at Mommy's corsage....

And this was the end result....

The wedding was beautiful...the reception was wonderful too, despite....the DJ being a NO SHOW! Tab handled it very calmly....and they found someone who had a sound system and music and were able to have their dance after all.

Jase and I headed back home later in the evening...and I arrived home to a sick Hubby.  He has a horrible sore throat and has slept most of the day today. I feel EXHAUSTED. Could be just from the fun weekend...however I have had a headache all day and just can't seem to kick it all the way! I am hoping I am not coming back down with something...hoping to get to bed early tonight.

We'll see....I may get to excited if it starts snowing!!

Off to veg on the couch I go!