Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Nothing like last minute..

Tonight, I finally decided that with crazy weather coming in tomorrow...I needed to get to Target and Bed Bath and Beyond and finish my shopping....of course....I am STILL not done.  I went to Target with every intention of finishing...but I just couldn't find a few things....so then I head to BB&B hoping I could cover the rest there....well...I knocked off two more...but still have one more gift, one more small item...and stocking stuffers.  Geesh! I can't believe I am so unorganized this year. Oh...and don't go to Target for powdered sugar....they are completely out! Another item I still need. Ha! :)

I love to give gifts...but for some reason...this year...not in the mood.....I am not too excited about my poor Dad's gift...sorry Dad! And then...my Uncle...still have to get his present tomorrow or Christmas Eve! I am totally kicking myself for waiting so long! I am also waiting on three gifts to arrive via mail...they have all been shipped so hoping they arrive tomorrow.

Our teenager - aka - "Y", who's voice has changed dramatically, arrives tomorrow evening.  Hubby says that his voice is now really deep and that he sounds like he is talking to himself.  How funny! I am excited to see how much he has changed and grown in just a few months.

Shopping for him is complete! Thank goodness! Buying for a 13 year old is harder than I thought! I hope our gifts are "cool" enough. :)

I can't wait to be done tomorrow with work for the week. I LOVE my job....however this week has been a little nutty.....I wish I could share the details with you all...but let me just say that we have had some extra protection floating around our building this week due to an unhappy former employee....perhaps you can get the picture that way.  Goodness....nothing like a little something extra the week of Christmas!

We shut down at 3:00 tomorrow and don't open again until Monday! WOO HOO! Goal for lunch tomorrow is get stocking stuffers, one gift and powdered sugar....think I can handle it? I then want to just be able to go home right at 3:00 and begin baking...all the items I thought I would bake for the last two weeks....shall I say...I need a double oven!  On the list....gingerbread cookies, sugar cookies, peanut clusters, chex mix, cinnamon rolls, and more. :)  I plan to put on some White Christmas...(yes...it will be the third time I have watched it this year) and hum along while I work in the kitchen.  I can't wait! Now if it would just snow while I was doing all that. I guess I will have wait until Christmas day.

So...it's 11:15 and I know I should get to bed now...but I am just enjoying my quiet time alone in our family room....as it is lit up only by our Christmas tree...I wrapped presents tonight...not all of them...but at least half...hey...I made some progress at least. Ha!

I love evenings like this...peace and quiet.....just nothing quite like it.

Oh yes....the plaid ruffled top I showed you all.....from the Gap..and on sale now! :)

And...welcome to my new followers! So happy you have joined me on this crazy life journey I am on!!

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