Friday, June 1, 2012

It's June!

Have you heard of our new Top A Totes???

I am offering a FREE Top A Tote to one lucky person who places an online order between today and Tuesday, June 5th! You will even be able to pick which color you want! All orders must be placed online!!! And your credit cards will not be charged until Wednesday, June 6th when I close the order.

Don't forget to take advantage of our June Customer Special too! You could get two Large Utility Totes for $45.00!! (A savings of $25.00!!)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

I miss you

Last night I babysat my two nephews. I loved every single minute!

Today "I" told me on the he missed me...and my heart melted. Love them both so much! God has given me the role of Auntie and I am truly blessed.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

More of what we have been up to

Besides working on Thirty-One...I have been super busy with family and friends. This spring has flown by!! We have enjoyed having my brother and his family in town a couple of times and LOVED spending time with them on Mother's Day.

My nephews and niece are growing up so fast. And I LOVE being their Auntie! In fact, I am babysitting two of them this evening and I can hardly wait!

We have also spent almost every Friday evening and weekend with our neighbors. It is great living in a Cul-de-sac! We all gather on Friday evenings after work and the kids play outside and we just hang out and talk and have a few adult beverages.  We have even done a group outing to a Brewfest. This weekend one of the little boys on the street is turning we are headed to his birthday party on Sunday. Never a dull moment with 11 kiddos living on the street.  We have lots of plans for the summer with our neighbors- bbqs, block party and even talks of Chiefs game gatherings. So much fun!

And then there is Miss Bella who LOVES the kids on the street...and has been enjoying some rides this spring too.

Never a dull moment I tell ya! We have a very busy summer planned...heading to Idaho for Hubby's brothers wedding, travelling to Atlanta for Thirty-One's National Conference, and going on an Alaska cruise (for free!!! thanks to 31) over Labor Day.

I love spring and am ready for summer!! And even ready for games this fall! Check it out!

Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Have you heard the latest news??

Wondering where I have been lately?? Well...I have been super busy with my Thirty-One business and team..we have now reached 90 amazing ladies from all over! I am having so much fun, enjoying every minute and feel so blessed with this opportunity!

Right now...through NEXT THURSDAY, May 31st. We have this AMAZING incentive going on right now..and I just wanted to share it with you all.

You can start your own Thirty-One business for FREE! New Consultants who join anytime between now and Thursday, May 31, 2012, can earn a $99.00 rebate on their enrollment kit. What does that mean??? $300.00 worth of products for FREE! It seriously doesn't get any better than this!!

Whether you're looking for the blessing of meeting new friends, finding new paths to personal growth or financial rewards like paying monthly bills, Thirty-One is perfect for you! Open your world to Thirty-One, and here are just a few of the opportunities you'll find:
A faith-based company devoted to supporting and encouraging women
  • Trend-setting products that appeal to all ages, plus affordable personalization
  • Self-paced online training
  • Parties where friends gather to have fun without high-pressure sales pitches
  • Online parties and online ordering capabilities
  • Online customer and Consultant referral
  • Special rewards and discounts
Partnering with our enthusiastic Home Office staff and other Thirty-One Consultants
This business can change your life! I'll be there to guide you on your personal journey to success as YOU define it. Click below to enroll and let's get started!

Want to know more or want to sign up now?? GO HERE -SIGN UP NOW

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Need bridal party gifts??

If there is one thing I love about our Thirty-One is that there are so many ideas for gifts.  I wanted to share a few photos with you of different bridal party ideas.

Why not give the Bride a Survival Kit for her big day. The All in One Organizer is PERFECT for this...and you can even include a small black rosette clip to add some SUPER CUTENESS to it.

The ruffled zipper pouches are PERFECT for the bridal party to carry all their goodies to and from the wedding and reception. They make a GREAT gift for them helping the bride on her special day.

The picture here...I LOVE. First..I am such a RED color fan! This organizing utility tote makes the perfect gift for the new bride.  It comes with 7 pockets and I love that they have added the new MRS. name to the bag. How excited the bride must have been to receive this!
And then finally....our umbrellas....well....they are just the best! SUPER BIG...and the fact that they can be personalized....they just make the PERFECT bridal party gift.
So there you have it...some bridal party gift ideas.  Need more?? I would love to help you out??

I am back to blogging..but will be blogging about what I love. And what I LOVE is my job with Thirty-One Gifts and all the products that we carry!! Want more info?? Message me!

All is well in our house hold. Hubs and I just celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary! Can you believe it?? These 7 years have FLOWN by! We are trying to decide where and when to take our FREE Carnival's a toss up. I would really love to go somewhere warm in the next few months. However, he wants to wait and go on an Alaska cruise later this summer.  Hoping we make a decision soon as we have to use it by November!

Hope you all have a FABULOUS Wednesday!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Let the planning begin

I am happy to report that we are NOT moving!! Praise the LORD! The offer came back for Hubs..and it was better than expected.  He still had a hard time making the "FINAL" decision...was it the right thing to do, what if Texas was better, etc.  I knew in my heart that God had truly answered our prayers and am SO thankful to each of you for praying for us.  I was so at peace about the entire thing...and trusted God that he had it under control. I feel like we can start PLANNING our next year. FINALLY! We are heading to St. Louis this coming weekend to meet our newest nephew..and I can hardly wait. My poor brother has been having some issues with his stomach and hoping that he begins to feel better soon and is able to enjoy being a daddy to his new little boy.

I packed the final Christmas items away last night. I had left some on Y's bed...and happily stuffed them into his closet till next year. What a relief!   And I now have the urge to deep clean the's time.

Lots of changes have been happening at my FT job. The company I work for depends on cold weather..a lot...and for most of hasn't been as cold as is needed to help things stay a float. Many of my friends were let go a couple of weeks ago...and I honestly feel like I am hanging on by a thread.

My prayer is that I can hang on till next December/January.  At that time, we will be able to switch our insurance from my company to Hub's company.  At that time, I hope to be two leadership levels higher with Thirty-One and will be working full time from home. I am so excited about this! Less than a year left! WOO HOO!

I am blessed with an amazing group of women on my team. I am so thankful for each and every member of my team. I can hardly wait to meet many of them who live far away at our National Conference in Atlanta, GA this fall. It is going to be one big GIRLS WEEKEND!  Now with a larger team, I have started to see many of our fabulous ladies fulfilling their dreams and goals.  Many are paying off debt, getting some much needed mommy breaks, donating to amazing organizations, and I believe we even have a couple who are going to be quitting their full time jobs to stay at home with their kids.  What a blessing Thirty-One is! I am honored to be called their leader and I LOVE helping them achieve their goals no matter how big or small they are.

Hubs and I are now in the planning stages of our FREE cruise! Really...yes! It's FREE! We haven't decided if we want to do the Caribbean or a cruise over in Europe. (Yes...I know..stay away from the cruise line that just sank!).  I hope to get this finalized by the end of the month.  The Europe cruise would be longer....and not till the end of June. The Caribbean cruise we would be able to take we'll see what decision we make.

That about wraps it up from here! I am still drinking 1-2 Body By Vi shakes a day. I crave my Mocha Latte in the morning...and always feel better if I have an Orange Julius for lunch.  Down 4 lbs and holding steady..I have let myself slack a little...but still feeling great!

Hope you all are having a wonderful week!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Do we go right or left?

"It is precisely because we do not know what the next turn of the page will bring that we nourish our hearts now." ~John Eldredge

Look to the LORD and his strength; seek his face always. ~1 Chron. 16:11

Focusing on this right now. This next week is a BIG week. If you could stop for even just a brief moment to pray for us,we would appreciate it. I have put this out in the Facebook world to our family and friends, but wanted to share it here as well. 

As many of you know, Hub's company has been sold. The acquiring date is the end of this month and we have been in limbo for nearly three months now...not knowing if he can apply...not knowing if he has a job...what  his salary will be...etc. During this time, he has taken steps to try and come up with a back up plan, in case the current job doesn't pan out.

He interviewed and was offered two jobs...both in TX. The first job..he declined. The second job...well the company is willing to wait on Hubs and find out what his current job offers before he has to accept/decline their offer.  It is a good offer...that comes with lots of new excitement and adventure.  The killer is that it is away from my family......from everything we know and have grown to love...including our home, neighbors, co-workers, 31 team, etc. we are...the weekend before the "official job offer/job decline letter" is delivered to him next week.  We have no idea what it will say, however we are pretty hopeful he will be offered a job. HOWEVER, the big kicker is that we are really worried that this new job offer will be a DRASTIC cut in his salary. 

If the cut in his salary is BIG...he will be accepting the TX offer. If the salary is the same, we will be staying put. I have been relatively calm and ok abut the entire thing..until just a few days ago. Reality of trying to pack up and move set in. The truth is that he would go before me and we would be making the long distance relationship work again until we could get our home sold. Sounds like so much...sounds like more than I can handle...but I am praying for God's will. For his plan, is far greater than mine.

Will this take us to a new place? Or will it keep us here? Will you just pray that we will both be at peace with the decision that is made and that we will both know right away what the right decision is.

Thank you. I appreciate it more than you will ever know. 

I promise to keep you posted as soon as we know something.

PS- Our weightloss challenge is going great!! I am really loving the shakes!
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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 Journey

Happy New Year to you all! I hope that you all had a wonderful time celebrating New Year's Eve! We spent the weekend in NYC! No..we aren't at Times Square for the ball drop, but we did enjoy seeing some friends and sightseeing, as well as doing some Thirty-One business while we were there.

We are not settled back in at home. I still have yet to take down the Christmas decorations. Gasp!!! I have thought about it this evening and think I may wait another week. We have at least that long to find out if we will choose to stay in our current home or move to a new city.  I figure, why pack things up until I know for sure what our plans will be.

Now that we are back into the swing of things at home, we have made the decision to work on getting fit and healthy in 2012. So...beginning tomorrow we are joining a 90 day weight loss challenge.  I have decided that since I have been horrible about blogging...this might help me also get back into the swing of things...if I blog about my experience.

So you can look for my first posting tomorrow about what I eat, experience, etc...and little tid bits about our lives  here too.

If you are interested in joining the challenge, you can check out my husband's website for more info.

Have a great evening!!