Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Red and Blue

We each got one.....our laptop stopped working....our home computer is I have a red one...Hubby has a blue one....and we are both happy.
These are our new netbooks....they are so much smaller than our laptop! It is definitely going to take us some time to get use to them, but I can tell you that I already love how compact they are!

I have yet to get everything set up on them, but will hopefully work on that tonight.  We opted to go with two netbooks because we hope to get a new desktop computer in a few months and that is where we will be storing all of our documents and pictures, etc.  However, these little guys do have some space that we can can't wait to take advantage of it!

Who knows...maybe I will get some blogging done outside tonight....since it is so GORGEOUS out today! I had to renew our plates on my car and for once it didn't take me but 5 minutes at the license I headed to Lowes to see what I could find....oh dear....I have some planting to do when I get home....I can't wait!

Monday, March 29, 2010

My project

Well we are still without wireless internet or a laptop. So I am way behind on reading all the blogs I love reading and way behind on updating my own!  The issue is about to be taken care of then I will be back on track! As you can see from the picture above...the sanding began this weekend on the chest of drawers. In fact, I finished sanding as of yesterday and tonight I will begin to paint! Hoping it turns out as well as I picture it to be!

Hubby worked all day yesterday adding the lighting to the basement. What a difference the lights make! We can actually see in the basement. I would take a picture...but I am not sure you could tell much of a difference.

I am so excited for the nice weather that we are going to have this week! I see lots of my evenings outside and I can't wait!  I am hoping to get some plants this week fact it may be today as I am driving my Hub's truck today and I could just throw the potting soil in the back...I guess it will depend how long it takes to get the oil changed during lunch.  Doesn't that sound like fun?? Just my idea of an excitingl lunch hour!

Remember my friend/coworker that lost her job?? Well she received two job offers on Thursday and accepted one on Friday. So thankful for your words of support for her.  And speaking of jobs, I am so thankful for where I work....I found out on Saturday that the dept at my old job announced that they are laying off practically the entire dept and outsourcing the jobs to India!!  Praise God I am not still there!  God sure had a hand in putting me in the right place at the right time.

I think that about wraps up the news around here....oh..if you want to try and YUMMY lemon bar sure to check out the recipe blog....I tried the PW's is so GOOD!

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

10 things you might not know about me

On the LPM (Living Proof Ministry blog) they have 10 things we might not know about them. I thought I would share mine with you:

1. When I am standing barefoot, I usually curl my toes underneath my feet. Don’t know why…but I do it so much that sometimes I don’t even know I am doing it – until my Hubby points it out.

2. I cannot stand to sleep without covers – so in the winter time – I sleep in a tank top and shorts- same in the summer. Can’t wear pants to bed.

3. I can’t stand for there to be anything put on our dining room table. Every night my husband comes home and lays his stuff on top of it and every night I move it off.

4. I have REALLY thick hair. So thick that each time I get it cut, I have it thinned out because it gets so heavy. ( And I never use any products in my hair)

5. I am claustrophobic.

6. I never drink just a glass of milk. Can’t stand it.

7. I played the clarinet for 6 years and I also took piano lessons from my Aunt in elementary.

8. I use to be in girl scouts.

9. I am short – 5’1” and hated being teased about it when I was a child.

10. I refuse to use anything but Bath and Body Works body cream on my body for a moisturizer. (use to be a store manager and am still hooked)

What are your ten things???

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Computer problems

Bare with me this week! We are having computer problems at our house. Our laptop has suddenly decided to stop working correctly and I have spent the past few evenings removing hardware and reinstalling hardware and it still won't work.. so frustrating. And our home computer..well it is slower than a turtle. Getting internet access on the desktop takes about 20 minutes for it to warm up enough to give me the internet..and even though we have the fastest internet there is still slow on that computer. only access at the moment is at work and my phone. We hope to get this all taken care of by the end of the week. We are actually tempted to just get a new one....we'll see what happens.

Nothing major or new to report. I am loving the sunshine today! Hoping it is sunny where ever you all are! I think we will be grilling out is just the perfect night for it!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, March 22, 2010

What a weekend!

Is it really over already? Every Monday, I think I need an extra day off...I never feel like I get enough rest!

My hubby had to work all weekend, so that really didn't help matters whole schedule was thrown off. Oh least the sun is shining today!

Saturday - I never left the house...the snow fell all day and night. I watched some tv, did a little cleaning, made some cookies and just vegged. It was really nice.

Sunday - My favorite little guy "I" came to see us.  We haven't had him at our house for a long time...he is such a talker now!  As you can see from the pics....Bella wasn't sure what to think of him invading her space. Ha! We played games, read books, made a tent, had tackle/tickle time and watched 3 movies. What a day!
He is growing up so fast!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Snow day

Again...another snow day. Happy first day of SPRING! :)  It began snowing around 11:00 last night and when we woke up this morning....the ground was covered. We don't have 4-6 inches like they predicted....thank goodness! However, I just got out of the shower and it has begun snowing we'll see how much we end up with when it is all done.

Hubby had to go into work today. :( So it's just me and Bella hanging out.  It is an I Love Lucy kind of morning.  I was planning to stay in my pjs all day....but got the urge to now I am in my comfy clothes debating what to do first.

I got up this morning and had a boost of energy so I organized our pantry....a load of laundry has been started and I am debating what type of cookie to make today....thinking chocolate it has been forever since I have made them!

I had another order of fabric come in this sewing is on the list today too. But the great thing is that I don't have to get out in this weather at all! Yea! I hope to get some pictures scanned into my laptop today as well....I need to get all of our pictures put on one location.  I worry about losing my photos all the time...need to start putting them on you all have any tips for doing this? Since having a digital camera I never hardly get any printed off any more....which is a good thing...I guess...but at the same time...I have SO many pictures....trying to figure out how to organize them all is the problem. So maybe I will get that figured out today.

That pretty much wraps up my agenda for the day. lol! Pretty exciting I know! Enjoy your Saturday!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patty's Day

Did you wear your green today?? Hard to believe it is the middle of March already! My goodness! Time sure flies~

Yesterday, one of my dear friends from work was told that her position was being eliminated (a reduction in force)and that it was her last day of work. (she helped me get the job I am currently at...and was my supervisor for a short time - we use to be Bath and Body Work store managers together many years ago)....anyways....I have been so bummed about it. If there is one person that I absolutely LOVE working with and for it is her.  She has always taught me so much about the business world.  So..I could hardly sleep at all last night...I told my Hubby I just felt so numb....shocked, sad, and bummed.  I have NO doubt in my mind that she will find another job right away as she has such a strong fact she even had an interview today!  Hoping and praying for her.  I still love my job...just wishing I could still work with her.

Any who....that is what I have been feeling for the past two days.  I know my body is tired...and I need my sleep...but for some reason.....I am not sleepy at all.....why oh why? 

I am watching the Price of Beauty with Jessica Simpson that I recorded on VH1....did you see it? I wasn't sure if I would like it or not....but I am thinking....I like it.  I am seeing Jessica in a whole new world.

Did you know they have forecast some snow in the forecast this Saturday? UGH! I want some springtime!

That about wraps it up on my end right now....heres to hoping for more exciting posts soon! Thanks for sticking with me!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Chest of Drawers

This chest of drawers has been sitting in our garage for several months now...Hubby keeps asking me
what I plan on doing with it and where am I going to put it. It belonged to my grandparents and when it was time to sell everything, I decided to take this and try and put it to good use.

I have been trying to make a decision....I think that it is going to go into my craftroom closet for more storage...however, I plan to do a couple of things to it first.  Never NEVER done this before...but how hard can it be? I am going to sand it down this week and hope to get to Lowe's this weekend for some paint and some hardware to put on it.

Any of you done this before? I have found several different ideas I am going to use that as my guide.  Oh goodness! I may take on more than I can handle. Ha!

As you can see....the finish is definitely worn off...and it is dusty too!  There isn't anything that special to it, but I know that it can hold my sewing materials and other I figure it is worth a shot. Plus...the best was FREE! :)

Yes...that is Christmas decor that we had outside sitting to the left....I need to get that put away too!
So...that is one of my projects this week....I have a couple of others...but will wait to share with you later about them. 

I have a headache today....woke up with one....why...oh why?  I blame the dream/nightmare that I was was just awful! In it was a cat, named Bella...and a HUGE snake.....and the cat decided to try and eat the snake....and everyone was worried about the cat not surviving because the snake was poisonous....

SERIOUSLY??? Now why in the world would I be dreaming of such a wonder I woke up with a was just awful! ha!

Lucky for me....I swung by Starbucks this morning and picked up a latte and it is helping soothe my troubled mind.  Here's to another day we have been blessed with!  Enjoy every minute. :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Looking for just the right item

You would think in a furniture store this big, that my hubby and I could find just the "right" piece of furniture for our family room. NOPE. Not at all.....we must have walked around yesterday afternoon for at least two hours searching and searching...and wound up with furniture, no art, no electronics, nothing.

So the search continues....for just the right piece.....why is it you can't find "that " one thing when you are actually looking for it. We saw it about 8 months ago....and now it has disappeared. UGH!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Unexpected surprises

This morning I received a text from my sister asking if her and Little "I" could come meet me at my house for lunch. I was so excited! I could hardly wait for lunch! Little "I" played almost the entire time he was here...barely touched his lunch. I could have stayed all afternoon hanging out with them was so good to see them! Love little unexpected surprises!

Little "I" has been fighting pneumonia...and I am hoping that once he gets better...he will be having his first overnight trip at our house! Can't wait! :)

I am so happy it is the weekend! I just love them!  Don't you? I am watching What Not To Wear on TLC at this moment....I would just love meeting Stacy and Clinton! I am not sure what to think of Ted, the new guy that is doing the hair.....I miss Nic..I will say Ted sure does more dramatic changes with hairstyles. I wonder what style he would choose for me.  I have had so many crazy hairdos and hair colors! Oh my! I have been red, blond, permed and chopped off as short as can be.....nope...not going to share the pics with you at this time...but maybe one day when we are all needing a good laugh!

Just a relaxing evening at home...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Southern Fried Chicken

Today I was trying to think of what to fix for dinner.....and I decided on ....Southern styled FRIED CHICKEN...Banquet style that is.. Yes...I didn't make homemade Fried Chicken...I bought a box of Banquet Southern Fried Chicken. 

When I was about 4 years old (I think), our family lived across the street from an older lady named Millie. I will never forget one day I had gone over to visit her and she had made some fried chcken....oh my heavens....I thought it was the BEST fried chicken I had ever had...come to find was from a box. 

So is to a great memory! I won't think about the calories tonight...I'll worry about that tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

So much for being motivated

Admitting that I am already behind on the household chores....ugh! I just seem to find other things to do at working out.....and well's watching the Biggest Loser. I dvr the show each I am just now starting it. Hubby is already in he is exhausted.

Quiet night in our house. Love relaxing evenings like this!

Monday, March 8, 2010

In the best of moods

Yes. That's me...I am in the best of moods today. In fact, I have been all weekend...there is just something about the sunshine and warmer weather. Today is just....GORGEOUS! I spent the majority of my lunch hour outside with Miss Bella ( guessed it...she is a puggle...and a handful...but I love her...she is my baby).

The rest of our weekend was good. The PBR yesterday afternoon was EVEN BETTER than the event on Friday night! I am so ready to be a cowgirl joking!  I told Hubs that I want to buy some cows and horses...seriously!  May take us awhile to work on that goal. ha!

So lately...I have been working on making a schedule for me throughout the week. I always have such lofty goals of things I want to accomplish each evening...and end up giving up...and I think it is because I have too much on the list at once. And since I now have SPRING fever....I am feeling ambitious.

For starters - my homemaker tasks.....I can't do it all in one day...especially working full time...and now trying to get back in the groove of working out each day/night..and I truly want to feel like I have things under is the schedule that I have come up with:

Sunday - Church and Family Day
Monday - Clean kitchen and bathrooms
Tuesday - Vacuum and dust the house
Wednesday - Laundry and ironing (ok..who am I kidding...I RARELY iron)
Thursday - Grocery shopping and errands
Friday - My FREE DAY
Saturday - Outdoor/Craft day

I am posting this to the fridge and putting it on my chalkboard in the craft room...and I hope to begin to feel more in control of my life. 

We'll see how it goes.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Taking in the sunshine

Bella is enjoying the sunshine today! The snow has finally melted off our deck and she is taking it in!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cowboys and Bulls

This is going to be a fun weekend for us! It started out just right last night! The PBR (Professional Bull Riding) is in town and we had tickets to go to the show.  As you can see, we had great seats!  I have never been and my Hubby was excited for me to see what he use to be a part of in his earlier years.  From the age of three to his senior in high school, this was part of his life.  His grandpa use to be a professional, so it was definitely part of their family.

Some of you know, but for those of you who don't....My Hubby is from Idaho and use to rodeo.  I have the pictures to prove it. :)  He did bareback riding and his younger brother did bull riding.  One of the professionals use to ride with is that is pretty cool.

I failed to take my camera with me (except my phone camera), so here are a few more I am using from the PBR website.

We had so much fun!

We are going back on Sunday afternoon, where Hubs says the bulls will be even bigger!! I can't wait!

Anyways, that is what is going on with us. I am hoping to get a nice walk with Bella in today, run some errands and clean part of our garage.  Sounds like a fun day...right?!

Oh...and I am also looking forward to the Oscars tomorrow night! Go Sandra Bullock! :)

Happy Saturday!

Also, in case you don't follow me on twitter/facebook. My sister's friend Wendy and her three little girls and husband are in need of prayers.  She is such a strong woman and is battling cancer so bravely. Please covet them in prayers. She has now settled into the Hospice House.  If you would like to read her story or leave her a comment to let her know you are prayiing, please click HERE and it will take you to her caring bridge page.  Thank you! God Bless!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mumbo Jumbo

This post is just a little random....I don't have a lot going on right now...but wanted to blog. It's been a few days.

First, if you want to try a new recipe...and you are in the mood for CHOCOLATE. You should try the Pioneer Woman's Chocolate Sheet Cake recipe. IT IS SERIOUSLY THE BEST CAKE EVER! I made it on Sunday afternoon....and it is so nice and big that we still have leftovers.  Hubby came downstairs this morning and told me it is his NEW favorite cake....he said to forget the red velvet cake...this cake is the BEST!

I always know if a recipe is good by his reaction.....and let me tell you ....this one is a WINNER!  I put the recipe on my recipe blog as well as the link to PW's.

On another note, the sun is shining here today...and it is going to be in the high 40s....oh how good that feels! I think they are calling for rain this weekend, but I will take it over snow any day at this point! I am honestly ready to see the snow melt away.

Things are much quieter in our house this week. Projects are on hold and we are just trying to relax. Watched the Biggest Loser last night...did you? GO BLACK TEAM is all I have to say about that.

Anyways...that wraps it up for me right now.....I know..nothing too exciting. Maybe I will think of something later on today...once my coffee kicks in.

Happy Hump Day!