Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What did you do today?

Since this week is Safety Week at work, we had a picnic at our office today that included a dunking booth, water balloon toss, propane gas demonstrations, seat belt convincer and more!  It was a great time - despite the HEAT!

Our COO couldn't make it to the event, so they had a life-size cardboard cut out made of him and all the employees had the chance to have their picture taken with him. Some of the employees came up with some great ideas for so much. However, I did wear the safety goggles and one of our I thought I would share.  It was a nice break from being inside all the time in the air conditioning.

And one of my favorites another co worker took with him....

Boy does it feels awesome to be back inside the air conditioning!  Oh my goodness it is HOT!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bloggy update

The heat of summer has arrived! Wow! It is HOT! And I am loving it! No complaints from me....I will take it! You may have noticed that I have been neglecting my blog.....or better yet...I have even been neglecting my computer at home. Hard to believe...but true!

I thought I would update you on a few things that are going on with us. Thanks for the tips for the top of the hutch! I have moved the candles to one side and the plate to the just have to find the right greenery to go up there. Once I find the right item..I will be sure to post a picture. I see things throughout our house that I would love to change to add more height, now that we had a little assistance in our family room. It is amazing to have a fresh perspective on things. However, we are trying to cut the spending way I will cool it for now. Just thankful to have a home to be in!

I am still making rag quilts and other items and my goal this weekend is to post some on be on the lookout. I have no idea if they will sell online..but worth a shot. I have also joined a ministry team at church that gives baby blankets to families that have a baby.  I am really excited to be a part of this. My first rag quilt is going to be given in July to a baby girl!  I am also looking forward to helping out with vacation bible school in July. I have wanted to get more involved in my church, but a number of things just kept trying to hold me back. I really look forward to being able to serve more. The more I attend this church, the more I know God placed me in the right place.  I am so thankful!

I finished the book, So Long Insecurity. Loved loved loved it! Beth Moore is amazing and I got so much out of it. I recommed to anyone out there who struggles with insecurities!

I am trying to spend my summer reading other books as well. I have a closet full of them and some I have read, some I have not. So my goal is to get through a  couple of them this summer. 

We are trying to get my stepson out here and are having a difficult time making it work.  He is playing on a baseball team and his schedule is so busy it is hard to find a week that is free. And when his schedule is free, his mom is making excuses as to why he can't come.  This is becoming very frustrating to my Hubs...and I hate that he misses him so much and struggles with their relationship.  If you all could just lift this matter up in prayer. I have no idea what we are going to get worked out. Just very frustrating and I am the negotiator between the two parents...and it's not a fun position to be in at times.

This week I planned our dinner menu for the entire week. I try to do this...but never seem to stick to the plan, however I am on track this week! I can't wait to share with you some of the recipes. The salmon recipe we had last night was REALLY good! 

That about wraps up my bloggy update. I am sure I have more to share...but at this point I am still waiting for the coffee to kick in! Busy day at work. We are having a Safety Fair today and a big picnic tomorrow. And the bonus is we get to wear jeans all week! Love being comfy at work!

Have a blessed day!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

To My Dad-

Thank you for all that you have done for me.
Thank you for loving me.
Thank you for being such an amazing Daddy!

I love you!

Your first born

Friday, June 18, 2010

The plate

So last Friday night, I went on a hunt for a big plate to put above our hutch.  I searched about 5 stores...and finally found this Hobby Lobby.  What do you all think?  I can't decide if I want to keep the candles up there with it or not...but I think it adds height to the room and balances out that wall.  Maybe I just need different colored candles.

However, I have thought about going and buying these really BIG and CHUNKY candle stands that you can use with the candles that plug in...I will have try and find a picture of them...I saw them in a local store and they are so cute! I could plug them into a timer and they would light up on their own at night....

Anyways....still going to think on it...who knows..maybe I will just keep the plate up there. 


Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Monday

Another Monday is here and I find myself wishing I just had one more day to the weekend! Why are they never long enough?

Our weekend was WONDERFUL. We didn't even do that much...just hung out at home. I deep cleaned our master bath and organized every drawer/cabinet I could find. Such a great feeling to have that all done! 

I spent some time in the kitchen making spinach rolls, frozen fruit cups and black bean and corn salsa....all of which we have been enjoying. The fruit cup recipe is on my recipe blog now...I will put the other two up tonight or tomorrow.

We also went to see the movie the was pretty good. At least it kept my attention! 

Oh..and I faux tanned my legs....I am ready to do it again already! I must say that using a brush is the best thing ever...cause you don't get your hands all messy...I have no streaks...I put it on lightly (thanks to the Twins tip!), it dried fast and no smell!  And the best thing is that my letgs were instantly you can see where you are putting it on. SO....this I definitely recommend!

Besides hanging out and watching movies....and just avoiding the rain and humidity...that about wraps up my weekend! Hoping you all had great ones!

Oh...and I found a plate for the top of our hutch...will have to take a picture and show you all...still nothing above the fireplace....might take us a while to figure that out.

Happy Monday!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Another year gone

I had the best day yesterday! I was wished Happy Birthday by so many friends and was simply wonderful!  My two favorite people met me at my house for lunch and Jimmy John's.  I could have spent all afternoon with the two of them!  My sister told me that Little "I" remembers that I call him my " My Bobba Lou"...and he wanted me to say it that! 

My sister also had me pick out my birthday excited to show you...but will wait till it arrives!
My boss gave me the cutest makeup bag and chocolate truffles and one of the ladies I work with gave me a bag of Mary Kay I felt pretty spoiled at work!

Last night Hubby surprised me by not going to the gym after work and coming home to take me out to eat BBQ! I was so excited and ate every last bite....ribs and fried mushrooms...SO GOOD! I was STUFFED! However, I still got my wish having an ice cream cake too!


It was a Chocolate cake from Baskin Robbins with cookies and cream ice cream inside....SO GOOD!

To top off the night we hung out on our new furniture and watched the movie Extraordinary Measures. I had been wanting to watch it...but Hubs wasn't sure....he caved in with it being my birthday and all. lol!  It was a good movie...inspiring.

And one of the best parts of the entire night is that we both actually fit on our new sectional. He can lay and be comfortable on one end and I on the other. That is a first for us since we moved into this house! To see my hubby comfortable is a great sight to see!

Looks like it might start raining here this morning. I am off today during lunch to find a round plate to put above our hutch.....hoping I can find one.

And tonight...I am FINALLY Faux legs at least. My arms are pretty tan from golfing. But my legs are WHITE.  Will let you all know how it turns out.

Happy Friday!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

My early birthday present

Well our new furniture arrived yesterday........and we love it!  We have a couple of things we want to is above the fireplace...the piece is just not us nd we want something different there....and then we plan to hang a huge round plate above the hutch...but other than is comfortable and I am loving my new birthday present!





And...just a few more shots for you all to see! Can't wait to have family and friends over!

And most importantly....Hubby's new chair. NO MORE RECLINER!!

Friday, June 4, 2010


Yes it is HOT here...and I LOVE IT! Lot's going on this weekend....NOT! I am excited to be at home this weekend and work on some flowers and do some deep cleaning....and of course GOLF!

We are heading to the course tonight after work and I am excited! We are trying a different course though as our reg course is closed for a tournament. Always interesting to see how well I play at a new place.

Hubby's birthday is Sunday and so that day is going to be pretty much whatever he wants to do that day.

Nothing else really planned. Just a wonderful summer weekend....enjoy yours!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Photo shoots from our trip...

Little "I" is at the point now where he will pose for you if you ask him too. So...Auntie D had fun taking some pictures of him doing all kinds of stuff...

He loved the pool and dancing at the pool!

And he had a great time at Silver Dollar City! Papa even road a ride with him!

And he was JUST tall enough to ride all by himself!

Here are just a few more of my favorites from the week...I promise this is it!

A wonderful time with family!
We also found out that we will be welcoming a baby girl into our family this fall!!
Yes...I am going to have a NIECE!
My SIL and brother had an ultrasound and they are 90% sure is is a SHE!
Can't wait to spoil her rotten too!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Riding the Ducks

Our first afternoon in Branson - we decided after nap time that it was a good time to go and Ride the Ducks before the rain came through.
We ended up only having to wait about 20 not bad at all.  As you can see, Little "I" was very patient sitting with each of us! He loved being with his grandparents....

And of course his Mommy and Auntie! :) He wanted to make sure that he had his ticket (we had to put it in his shorts pocket).

The trip was fun....windy and a little hot. But we survived and saw some great scenery of the lake. Little "I" even got to drive the both with Papa.

By the end we were tired and hungry. So we headed down to the landing to eat at a Mexican restaurant. 
Of course we had to check out the fountains while we were there!

The Cabin

I spent most of this past week down in Branson with my family. It was WONDERFUL to get away. We arrived at the cabin on Wednesday afternoon and were so surprised at how big and roomy it was! The outside of the cabin looked so small...but once you entered it you were pleasantly surprised. Here is the main living room and kitchen area...

Looking at the loft above....

Off the main living room was a screened in porch with a swing and table we enjoyed eating breakfast at and also a bedroom and bathroom....

Downstairs....there was another living area, two more bedrooms and bathrooms, and another deck. (Pardon the messes.....we made ourselves at home! LOL!)

And finally...the loft area....another great place to hang out...and there was another bedroom and bath..which worked out perfect for my sister and nephew!

And the view from the loft....

All in was the PERFECT place for our family to stay....more pictures to come...

 I will leave you with one of my BobbaLou.... (AKA Little I)