Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Explanation of exciting

So I mentioned on my FB account that I was so so so excited last Friday! It's true...I was and am! For a couple of reasons that I felt I should list out for y'all!

1. I spent the weekend with my sisters, nephew and parents. Can't get better than that!

2. I gave my SIL the baby quilt I made for her and she loved it.

3. The baby quilt was such a success that I now have a couple of orders for more!

4. My nephew is coming to my house this weekend to stay and I can't wait to play with him!

5. After taking some time off from my Thirty-One business....I'M BACK! And in full swing and feeling more prepared and ready to go! The company is doing exceptionally well and have made TREMENDOUS improvements on a couple of issues I had before. I just can't wait to show everyone their new Fall Catalog....the BEST YET!  I have started up a blog again.....be sure and check it out....I will be updating it with specials, etc. http://www.adorable31handbags.blogspot.com/. Also, if you want to join my newsletter. Let me know. It is a great way of staying informed and up to date on the latest items. Oh yes, and the best part is that all the items are now in ONE catalog..which makes life much easier! I would love to share more with you. Want to know more about Thirty-One Gifts....you can find my site here.. www.mythirtyone.com/DanaT. I just can't say enough! Want to host a party to go, online party or at home party...contact me. Would love to set you up! Or...sign up under me for $99.00 and get almost $300.00 worth of product AND you don't have to sell another item if you don't want too.....the best deal yet!

6. I love my church. Love it and the people who go there. I am starting to volunteer for a few things and feeling more confident in myself. This past Sunday, I served communion for the first time ever. Needless to say, this was stepping WAY out of my comfort zone. However, God sure knew what he was doing as he partnered me up with the sweetest lady that introduced herself to me the first time I attended. So that made it so much easier. I am also getting so much out of Pastor Jim's messages. I have been feeling pretty down on myself lately, hopeless....frustrated with life in general. And low and behold I go to church Sunday, and he says that just because life isn't turning out the way we planned it or HOPED for it too doesn't mean it is bad, in fact it is probably pretty good compared to others in this world. Ok....ok....I get it....there are so many people worse off...that I must be thankful for what I do have in life instead of having a poor me pity party. So I felt renewed and reminded of God's love after church Sunday. Praise the Lord for his blessings!

7. I love golfing. I do! After spending a week consistently golfing with hubby and son....I love it! It is relaxing to me....and I love that we can do it together as a family.  It has only taken me several years to finally understand it. lol!

8. My neighborhood is growing and it makes me excited!

9. I have really enjoyed all the sunshine and heat that we have been having. Yes, it has been EXTREMELY HOT! However, I just remind myself of all the days I was SO COLD this winter....and I will take the heat any day over those dreary days!

10. And last but not least, it is almost August...and I just love that fall is approaching. Where has the summer gone?

So there you have it...may not seem to exciting to anyone else....but to me it is VERY! Happy Tuesday!

Baby shower

My SIL's baby shower was a success and we all had a great time hanging out together. Auntie D tried several times to feel Baby G kick....but it was a no go. She better be ready to meet me soon!  We (my sis and SIL's sis) tried and tried to get the name out of my SIL, but she wouldn't share with the Aunts. So we will have to wait to see what it is. I have a feeling I may know...but not going to mention it until the day arrives.

The baby quilt I made was a huge hit too and I now have orders from family and friends. I love making them! So easy...so I can't wait to get started!

Here are some pictures from the weekend....the Hostesses....

We were served Ice Cream Sundaes....SO GOOD!

My SIL with both sides of the family...and Little I...in the front. lol!

Little I and I being silly.....

The presents....

My gift....

We all enjoyed the time together! Can't wait for Baby G to arrive!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Well vacation has come and gone. BOO! I so enjoyed my time off from work and as much as I had hoped to catch up on blogging, I instead took some time away from the computer.  I am loving all this HEAT and SUNSHINE and I just can't pin myself down to sit in front of the computer at night. 

My stepson is definitely a teenager now. It is so fun to hear him talk about girls. I as a stepmomma don't want to see him get hurt, however Hubby has warned him that some girls may break his heart and that is okay...there are more fish in the sea.  The first girlfriend I believe has already come and gone. Oh to be young again. I don't wish to be that age ever again!

We spent 7 days golfing in the heat, a day at the local amusement park (Worlds of Fun) and a day at the K watching baseball. I have never sweated so much in my life. I kept telling them that we had to be loosing weight with all the sweat we were perspiring. LOL!

Our house is all quiet now and we miss him horribly. However, our visit was great and we look forward to being together again....hopefully soon. Y has a baseball tournament at the end of the month and if they win they will be playing in Texas (which would be great for us as we could take a drive down that way and watch him play...so praying this happens!)

Now we are both back to work and trying to get back into the swing of every day living.  I am heading home this weekend for my SIL's baby shower and look forward to seeing family and friends. Bought a cute dress at Target yesterday for it! I can't wait to show you all! I just love Target!

I also spent the past week making my gift for my SIL and niece.  What do you think? No...she doesn't read my blog...so I think I am pretty safe posting pictures here...I love making these things!

Another hot day today... I will leave you with a couple of my favorite photos of our week together (ignore how sweaty they look...it was HOT outside!) ....
Happy Thursday y'all!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Construction Construction Construction

It's going on all around our house....thought I would update you all with some pictures. 

The home on the left is directly behind us and is still for sale. The one on the right is sold...and I have seen the couple and two little girls who bought the houes..but not yet met them yet. I believe they will be moving in anyday. Notce the fence....it's the first one in the entire block....

 Here are the homes looking to the left of our backyard. The one to the right and far left are both sold...the one in the middle is still for sale. Not sure who all is moving in..but should be interesting.

And then...here is the marker we noticed the other night when we came home....the lot across the street from us is now in the beginning process...
And the lot is HUGE! Basically it is all that you see in this picture...practically half the block.  We all believe that the trees in the center will have to come down as their are markers all around it...

The markers you can barely see...they are the hints of red in the grass...and the the wood was another sign that the digging will be beginning soon.

Lots going on....hopefully it will all be over soon!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Overdue Update

I have been horrible about blogging lately. I have been super busy at work and been feeling stressed out. However, the great news is that I am taking a MUCH needed vacation and began at 4:00 today. My stepson has arrived and I met him and Hubby at the golf course for a round of golf. OH MY was it HOT! I don't know if I have ever sweated so much! (like you all needed to know that!)

We are now hanging out at home...watching a movie and just relaxing. We definitely have a teenager in our house...the texting is constant and we have found out that he now has a girlfriend. Oh my! We have our hands full!

I am looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow....catching up on some reading...sewing....and of course spending time with the guys in my house.  I have been invited to sub for my neighbors Bunco group tomorrow evening. So it will be nice to just walk down the street and have a girls night. 

We arrived home this evening and there are flags all over the empty lots across from our house.....so looks like our trees are going to be coming down and we will be now having houses soon. We honestly can't wait to have all the construction done behind and in front of us.

Anyways...that is what is going on with me....I think I might make some chocolate chip cookies...I am craving them.

Hugs to all my blogging friends!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July Weekend

Our weekend was jam packed full of things to do. Before the weekend began, I asked Hub's to hang our new flag outside our house. I had wanted one last year, but never got around to getting one put up. It looks pretty good.

Friday, we started out the weekend right with a round of golf in the evening and homemade omelets for dinner. Saturday, we were both up early and running around doing errands before a wedding celebration that afternoon and evening. If you follow me on twitter/facebook, you know that I was just having the time of my life...ha! (spoken sarcastically)

Sunday morning was another early morning as I drove home to spend time with my family. I met my family at church and got to sit by this little guy. He is so grown up!

He and Papa read some books in the afternoon....and it was nice to just hang out and look at old photos....I hope to share some soon.

I loved every minute!  I got to spend some time with my cousins and Aunt and Uncle too....just wishing our visit could have been longer. Here are just a few more snapshots.....Little I and Miss C (my cousin's little girl)....playing together...

And Little I could not wait for AZ to wake up.

I didn't get any pics of Baby E....and obviously none of the rest of the gang either....but loved hearing all the laughter and talk with everyone. Grandpa and Grandma would have loved listening to us all visit!

I drove back Sunday evening in a Thunderstorm...it was horrible! Thankfully, I made it back safely. No fireworks for us and I was fine with that. There was enough going on around our neighborhood that it filled the void of a big celebration.

Monday was a day of relaxation in our house. I did some laundry and took a nap! It was wonderful until last night when I was trying to sleep and then couldn't. Now I remember why I rarely take naps!

One week and we will be on vacation.  Where to? We are staying home. "Y" is coming to see us for a week and we are going to enjoy our time at home and do some golfing. Can't hardly wait!

Hoping you all had a wonderful holiday! So thankful for the country we live in and those who fight for our freedom! Special thanks to my cousin Bud who is now in Afghanistan. Keeping him and all others in my prayers!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Extended Birthday

On Friday night when I arrived home, there was a box sitting at our front door. It was my birthday present from my Jersey girls. I was THRILLED when I opened it up. See what they got me!

The cutest candle holders, napkin holder and salt and pepper shaker. They are to use out on our deck....but I have actually been using them inside on our bar. They go so well with my kitchen decor....if you haven't seen it...or don't know what I love...it is Mason JARS...or maybe just jars in general. Anyways...I can't wait to use them outside one night when we eat...but for now they are working PERFECTLY in our kitchen!

I also received my birthday gift from my Sister and her family on Friday night when I met her for at the musical.  She let me pick it out....but I am LOVING it! Yellow totally makes me happy! :)

So I guess you could say that my birthday lasted almost 3 weeks....gotta love that!

Little House on the Prairie

For Mother's Day this year, we gave our Mom a ticket to the Little House on the Prairie Musical. The plan was that my Sissie, SIL and myself would join her for a fun girls night out. Unfortunately, something came up last minute for my SIL, so my sis's old roommate,Ab, from college joined us for the evening.

Despite the humidity and heat, it was a great night. Our plan was to meet early enough at the theater to grab a bite to eat and see all the extra activities that they had set up. Due to traffic, my Mom and Sis were delayed a bit, however we still had plenty of time to eat.

I loved watching Little House on the Prairie growing up and still to this day if I see it on tv, I stop to watch. I have all the books and love learning more about the life that they lived on the prairie. It fascinates me. Maybe one day I will make it to her home to visit.

Melissa Gilbert played Ma....and did a great job.

And the girl that played Nellie was AWESOME. Sounded and looked just like her...but I couldn't find a picture. (by the way...these pictures are from their website...they even have a blog!)

The musical was great, even though the music I was not familiar with. It was just fun hanging out and having a night out with the girls!

Here is our view of the stage.....they wouldn't let us take pictures during the performance..

My Mom, Sissie and I!

Kid and her friend Ab

Me and my Sissie

Can't wait to hang out with them again!