Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Chair promised..some pictures! My mom stopped by my house before meeting me for lunch and dropped off this chair and some more pumpkins! This chair belonged to my grandparents and I believe my Mom said today that she can remember her grandma using it too. It actually rocks!  My hope is to paint it this spring...but will have to think about a color. I was so excited when I got home...I just put it on our front porch.

I love it!
 I wanted a chair/bench on our front porch.....and it looks like it fits in just right! Even my neighbor noticed! Hmmm...wondering how I will use it for Christmas decor! :)

And...a couple of pics of Little "I" from lunch today...CUTENESS ALERT!


Today I had the chance to meet my sister and little "I" and my mom for lunch. What a treat! We don't get to do that very I loved every minute. Of course little "I" was very entertaining! 

Tonight I am suppose to go running with my neighbor...ugh! I don't want to! However, what is motivating me to do so is the fact that I am going to be taking a break this weekend from running...ahhh...a little down time! I have two 31 parties planned this weekend and I am so ready for them both. I could use some girl time! 

Not much else to report blog has been rather boring lately! Sorry! Guess I need to take some new pics soon.....I think I know what to take a picture of as soon as I get home this evening. My mom left me something at our house. Stay tuned...

Monday, October 18, 2010

Another 5k

Well the 5k was this weekend. My neighbor and I participated and did well...especially since it was her first one! :)  She did great! She is a big motivator to me...when I want to stop...she motivates me to keep that is a huge help! 

We started out the first mile running with the marathon and half marathon runners....only 11,000 of them! Thankfully, after the first mile we turned right and they all turned left and we separated from part of the crowd.   We finished by doing our miles in 10.10 minutes....not bad at all.

I tell neighbor is just what I needed. We took 1 day off yesterday and were back out there this evening running again...and this time it was 4 miles! We have a goal of working up to a 10k by this coming spring.  No time for resting around here!

We are both nervous about the winter time....the cold season will be here before we know it...and it keeps getting dark earlier and earlier...ugh~ I will have to start going back to the gym and the treadmill.

I took some pictures...but haven't been able to download them from my phone yet...will get to that some time this week.

The rest of our weekend was spent just relaxing at home....we are trying to save our money...Hubby's brother is headed out here again in November....and our goal is to get the drywall complete in the day...we will finish it! What is great is that we can take our time like this!

Hope you all had wonderful weekends!

Something for you

This weekend I spent some time going through all the books that I own. In some of the books I found old bookmarks and notes...I loved going through them all and remembering about each one. One in particular stood out to me. If you have never read the book Just Give Me Jesus by Anne Graham Lotz....I HIGHLY recommend it. In the back of the book I found a CD...I had completely forgotten about it. I listened it to on my way to work this it is....find a quiet moment...and just listen......

They held a conference years ago called Just Give Me Mom and I went to it in Minnesota. During that conference my life was changed...I found Jesus...I felt him like never before. There are no other words to say...this clip says it all....Just Give Me Jesus today. A simple reminder that nothing is impossible for my God. He hears and answers every prayer. Thank you God.

May you all have a blessed day!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

3 more days

And I will be completing another 5k. Wow! Time is flying by! We have been working hard this week running. I am hoping my team will be much improved on Saturday morning. Hopefully, training on all these crazy hills has done me some good!  Now if I could just stop eating junk and work on eating more healthy.

My neighbor has been encouraging me with that, as she and her husband have cut out all the sugars and bad carbs in their diet.  They have both lost some weight. So Hubs and I are working on doing that now...sometimes easier said than done. ha!

My neighbor and I have our focus on another 5K in January and then hope to accomplish a 10K this spring.  Baby steps!

I had the best lunch today! My sissie and Little "I" met me at my house for lunch. He is just growing like a weed! Love them both and had a great time with them...never long enough! They even stopped by my office on their way home. Little "I" was a HUGE hit with all the ladies!  After they left, I said...he is the reason I asked my Hubs to leave Jersey and come back home. Wouldn't trade it for the world! :)

This is just a bit random..but as I write...I am listening to Susan Boyle being advertised on TV. Oh my goodness...what a voice! I think I need to order her Christmas CD....yep...I do!

Anyways...back to my thoughts.  ha! One of my blogging friends joined my Thirty-One team today! SUPER excited to have her join us! I know she is going to do so well and be a big hit with her family and friends! My team just keeps growing and growing. God is up to some amazing things and I am so excited! I love Thirty-One Gifts!

If you know nothing about the company, it is all about Celebrating, Encouraging and Rewarding other women. I have really been trying to study Proverbs 31 and living each and every day celebrating, encouraging and rewarding those around me.  When I look around I see so many people suffering and going through difficult situations. What if everyone took a little time to make others smile....or speak a kind word....what a difference that could make in someone's life. You just never know those you encounter each day...just what they might really be going through. So anyways...I am working on being better at this. :)

I think that about wraps it up for me right now. Almost time for some sleep.  Can't wait for the weekend!

Monday, October 11, 2010

A good weekend

Weekends tend to just fly by now a days! Is that happening with any of you? Our Friday evenings are usually pretty laid back at our house. We are both exhausted from the week of work and we just crash on the couch. This Friday was a little different as I prepped all my items for the vendor event I did on Saturday.

It was the PERFECT weather day on Saturday. I travelled about an hour north to attend a Wine Fest as a vendor. It was a wonderful afternoon and evening. I enjoyed being outside and watching and meeting all the people that attended the event.  I received several AMAZES me how no one has heard of Thirty-One Gifts. It is what gets me excited! Even though we have 560 some consultants in is still not heard of in SO many areas! The opportunities are ENDLESS! I love it when those looking at my booth say that they can't believe how affordable and cute everything is! That is one of the reasons I joined!

So yes...the event was successful. And I am so happy I attended and the best part was that my parents came and helped me set up and stayed throughout the entire event and even helped me load my car back up that evening. What great parents I have! I enjoyed every minute with them! It doesn't happen very often you Mom and Dad!

Yesterday, Hubby and I made it a goal to have ourselves a date. So we went to see the movie Secretariat. It was good! I enjoyed it....but I am a sucker for true favorites! It was truly inspirational to me too. Had me all fired up last night at setting my eyes on the goals I have in my life. :)

So now it is Monday and it is back to work. Oh how I wish I worked for the govt so I could celebrate this Columbus Day!

Hoping you all have a wonderful day!

Friday, October 8, 2010


Y'all I have been so out of touch here! I have been really trying to focus not being on the computer for a few hours during the evening...and instead just spending the time with my hubs. By the time I get into bed, I grab my netbook and check a few things..then I am out! 

So I am behind on posting pictures and updating you all on life in general.

For now, let me tell ya that we are halfway done with the construction going on around our house! YEA!!! They are completely done with everything behind our house! I took some pics to prove it! So happy to sit outside on our deck and not see dirt or construction workers!

Here we are looking to the left....

 Straight behind us....
 And to the right....
 Boy does it feel good to see everything GREEN!

However, in the front of our home is a different story...but they are moving right along with the first house and we are waiting for the other lot to be flagged and dug. The positive point about the two homes on the other side of the street from us is that neither house is directly across! The big tree that is right across from us is that is what our view will be! YEA!!! And then there will be...this house to the right....

And then another home to the left...oops...didn't take a picture of the empty lot! 

So there you have it...that is what is going on in our neighborhood! At this time next year we shouldn't have to deal with any of this! YEA!

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My two favorites

Sunday for lunch we met up with my family at my brother's house to welcome Little "P" home and have a late birthday celebration for my Mom.  It was a great time hanging out with everyone....and of course..I just couldn't get enough of these two!

Don't mind the crazy hair I was sporting! haha!

Can't wait to get my hands on the two of them again!! I love being an AUNTIE!


Just a couple of videos of my cute nephew from this past Sunday. I could listen to him talk all day...:)

Let's rhyme