Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Today I had the chance to meet my sister and little "I" and my mom for lunch. What a treat! We don't get to do that very I loved every minute. Of course little "I" was very entertaining! 

Tonight I am suppose to go running with my neighbor...ugh! I don't want to! However, what is motivating me to do so is the fact that I am going to be taking a break this weekend from running...ahhh...a little down time! I have two 31 parties planned this weekend and I am so ready for them both. I could use some girl time! 

Not much else to report blog has been rather boring lately! Sorry! Guess I need to take some new pics soon.....I think I know what to take a picture of as soon as I get home this evening. My mom left me something at our house. Stay tuned...

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