Monday, October 18, 2010

Another 5k

Well the 5k was this weekend. My neighbor and I participated and did well...especially since it was her first one! :)  She did great! She is a big motivator to me...when I want to stop...she motivates me to keep that is a huge help! 

We started out the first mile running with the marathon and half marathon runners....only 11,000 of them! Thankfully, after the first mile we turned right and they all turned left and we separated from part of the crowd.   We finished by doing our miles in 10.10 minutes....not bad at all.

I tell neighbor is just what I needed. We took 1 day off yesterday and were back out there this evening running again...and this time it was 4 miles! We have a goal of working up to a 10k by this coming spring.  No time for resting around here!

We are both nervous about the winter time....the cold season will be here before we know it...and it keeps getting dark earlier and earlier...ugh~ I will have to start going back to the gym and the treadmill.

I took some pictures...but haven't been able to download them from my phone yet...will get to that some time this week.

The rest of our weekend was spent just relaxing at home....we are trying to save our money...Hubby's brother is headed out here again in November....and our goal is to get the drywall complete in the day...we will finish it! What is great is that we can take our time like this!

Hope you all had wonderful weekends!

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Cherish This Life! said...

Congrats on the 5k! That is so much work and you are doing really great!!! Keep it up girl!