Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Chair promised..some pictures! My mom stopped by my house before meeting me for lunch and dropped off this chair and some more pumpkins! This chair belonged to my grandparents and I believe my Mom said today that she can remember her grandma using it too. It actually rocks!  My hope is to paint it this spring...but will have to think about a color. I was so excited when I got home...I just put it on our front porch.

I love it!
 I wanted a chair/bench on our front porch.....and it looks like it fits in just right! Even my neighbor noticed! Hmmm...wondering how I will use it for Christmas decor! :)

And...a couple of pics of Little "I" from lunch today...CUTENESS ALERT!


Anonymous said...

I love the chair! What a great memory and it's always so fun to keep adding to them! It really looks like it fits perfect!!

Anonymous said...

Looks great! Just want to get the chair's history was your great, great, great Aunt Ruth's. She was one your Grandma B's two unmarried aunts that took in your grandma & her little sister during the Depression,& raised the on their farm since their dad couldn't care for them after their mother died at the age of 28, they were 8 & 5 yr. olds. Since I never had the privilege of knowing my Grandma on that side, 'Aunt Ruth' I always considered to be my grandma. She was a sweet person & a wonderful cook, just like your Grandma B. She married later in life to Uncle Tom & your chair & another just like it sat on their front porch, only painted what I thought was a beautiful pale blue. XO