Friday, February 25, 2011

How long has it been?

Goodness! I haven't blogged in how long?? Our desktop computer is gone...they were unable to recover much I as upset that all of my pictures and documents were gone..the truth is...the images are still in my mind. I mean..I can't take them with me one I decided to get over it and move on...despite how much I wish I had a copy of them all.
Netbook is still acting gets so moody....sometimes it works...sometimes it doesn't....obviously..right now it is I am doing a quick posting.
I have not been feeling like myself lately. I came home Monday aching all over and had a fever. I took a few days off from work...and finished out the week feeling better than ever...and feel like my ole' self again.
I would post pictures..but is just of some snow...and I am at this point...over the snow topic. Is it March yet? 
I received the best gift tonight when I got home. My girlfriends from Jersey mailed me a package full of popcorn, movie candy and gift certificates to the movie theater...needless to say..I was ECSTATIC! I honestly thought the Fed Ex man was delivering another Thirty-One package...but was even better coming from my two besties in Jersey! Did I tell you?? They are coming to stay with me in June on my birthday! I can't wait to spend time with them both!
I have been neglecting blog reading and I have been failing at twittering....goodness sakes...I need to get back on track. When life seems to get me down...I just close up and stay away from everything.  I felt overwhelmed this last week....I let the stresses of life get the best of me....and I was disappointed in myself for doing so.
And then I read this...
1)   TAKE ONE THING AT A TIME! God’s grace really is sufficient and He really does meet all our needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus. As much as we want to see all that manna heaped up in a mountain of provision a week in advance alongside those upcoming demands, His promise in Philippians 4:19 is to meet each one AT THE TIME WE NEED IT. Thank You, Lord. If we could learn to live in this present moment with this present provision, oh, man, life would be so much less stressful, wouldn’t it?Isn't that amazing??? It is from the LPM Blog....thank you Beth Moore...I needed to be reminded of this. Anywho...just a short posting from me. I am here and doing much better than a week ago..THANK YOU for you prayers.
I am going to watch some Harry Potter while Hubs sleeps on the couch next to me...and I may just dive into some chocolate snowcones. Yum!

Saturday, February 12, 2011


What a way to wake up on a Saturday! Our desktop computer has CRASHED! I knew it was on the outs a few days ago...and yet I decided to ignore the fact that it might be sick. Probably shouldn't have done that...all my pictures are saved on that computer...other important documents......ALL OF THEM. I have a few of them backed up...but not all of them. UGH! I should have known better.

That is part of the reason I haven't blogged lately...nor have I been commenting/reading other blogs or tweeting!  The desktop has been giving us problems and my can be awfully moody at times.  I have a love/hate relationship with them both!

I will have to try and have it repaired this week...and see what we can recover from it. Praying it is more than expected. It won't even boot. It keeps telling me there is no hard drive. LOVELY!

Other than waking up to that this morning has been wonderful! Doing laundry and drinking some coffee in my favorite room of the house. Hubby is still asleep so it is nice and quiet here in our house. I love the sound of quietness......ahhh.....well I guess at this moment I can hear myself typing away...and Hubs is snoring. ha!

It is our SIX year anniversary today! WOW! Time sure does fly by! Happy Anniversary Babe! I love you! (even though he won't get on my blog to read this..thought I would put that out there!) :)

No big plans in store for us today. He asked me what I would like to do...and I requested to eat PIZZA tonight at one of my favorite places and I have asked to go see the movie The Kings Speech. Pretty exciting I know! I want today to be low key.

He has been super sweet the last few days...and I have been picking the movies to watch at night.. Last night we watched You Again and the night before Life as We Know It. Two chick flicks in two nights!!

Thirty-One is definitely keeping me busy. I am learning my new role as Director and am SUPER excited about my team and how it continues to grow. God continues to bless us and I am so thankful for this opportunity! My goal this weekend is to get my office in order and get my planner on track. I am needing to get myself organized so that I don't get stressed out. :)

Other than that....that pretty much sums up this morning. Have a wonderful weekend! The sun is shining!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Little I's 3rd birthday

This past Saturday, we met everyone at Applebee's for dinner to celebrate Little I's birthday. All 17 of us gathered together to celebrate and he sat right in the middle of the big group.   Of course, everyone was super excited to see how much Miss P had grown too.

After dinner was over, we headed back to I's house to watch him unwrap presents and have birthday cake and ice cream. 

Check out the cake my sister made for him! Super cute!!!

It was so fun to watch him get all excited about unwrapping presents. At first, he tried handing them out (like it was Christmas)...had to help him understand that this time it was all about him!

He had quite the audience as he was unwrapping. :)

We gave him Tom and Jerry dvds. He and Uncle Mike love to watch that show when he comes to spend the night with us.  And since they don't have cable, we thought it would be something he would enjoy watching at home.

I also made him a Superman could call it a Cowboy Cape....I have been thrilled to hear that he has been flying around the house being a Super Hero. :)

His best friend Mason and parents came over to the party was quite fun to watch the two little boys together.

And just a few more pictures from the evening....loved spending time with everyone!! Thankful that it didn't snow and no one was sick! YEA!! I know this is a lot of pictures...but my sister didn't get pictures taken that wanted to make sure everyone could see what I took. 

 He had an announcement to make after he opened he was saying ATTENTION EVERYONE...