Thursday, February 3, 2011

Little I's 3rd birthday

This past Saturday, we met everyone at Applebee's for dinner to celebrate Little I's birthday. All 17 of us gathered together to celebrate and he sat right in the middle of the big group.   Of course, everyone was super excited to see how much Miss P had grown too.

After dinner was over, we headed back to I's house to watch him unwrap presents and have birthday cake and ice cream. 

Check out the cake my sister made for him! Super cute!!!

It was so fun to watch him get all excited about unwrapping presents. At first, he tried handing them out (like it was Christmas)...had to help him understand that this time it was all about him!

He had quite the audience as he was unwrapping. :)

We gave him Tom and Jerry dvds. He and Uncle Mike love to watch that show when he comes to spend the night with us.  And since they don't have cable, we thought it would be something he would enjoy watching at home.

I also made him a Superman could call it a Cowboy Cape....I have been thrilled to hear that he has been flying around the house being a Super Hero. :)

His best friend Mason and parents came over to the party was quite fun to watch the two little boys together.

And just a few more pictures from the evening....loved spending time with everyone!! Thankful that it didn't snow and no one was sick! YEA!! I know this is a lot of pictures...but my sister didn't get pictures taken that wanted to make sure everyone could see what I took. 

 He had an announcement to make after he opened he was saying ATTENTION EVERYONE...


Cherish This Life! said...

I love all the pictures, it looks like a lot of fun! The Cowboy/Superman Cape is ADORABLE! So cute!!!

Jumping Jack said...

So cute! Looks like he had a great third birthday! I'm loving the dinosaur shirt! ;) That cape is adorable! I've been thinking about making Jack a cape - I think he'd love it!

seighmy said...

The shirt you had made for him is adorable, Dana! Is it the same lady who makes them for Payton's Closet? Miss P is growing so quickly...I love the smile-on your face and hers!

It is great that you all had some family time.