Monday, April 25, 2011

Do you have a favorite cookbook?

I love cookbooks!!!!In fact, I LOVE collecting them! I have two shelves of cookbooks in my pantry!! I know that you can get pretty much any recipe online...and I do get recipes from there when I am in a crunch. However, to me there is just something special about looking through an actual cookbook.  It brings back memories to me of special times with my family. I also enjoy reading any notes/stories that  is put into a cookbook...ahhh...the history of recipes...fascinates me.

I have several cookbooks from my hometown....that I pretty much use almost weekly.....and then I have some that I have purchased or received as gifts. Here are a few of those:

The Pioneer Woman cookbook is one of my favorites. I love her pictures, stories and recipes. So does my Hubby....he says you can never go wrong when you use one of her recipes.  Maybe he likes the fact that she lives in Oklahoma...which is where he was he is a bit partial...but the recipes are AMAZING!
The Gooseberry Patch Cookbooks are also ones that I use all the time. My sister was telling me that their Crock Pot Cookbook is one of her favorites...that will be the next one for me to get on my list. The recipes are simple and yummy!

Anyways...just wanted to share a couple of them that I love...

Do you all have any favorites....if so what are they?? you prefer finding recipes online?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Where or where have I been?

Goodness! It's been almost a month since I have last blogged! I have been a busy gal! My stepson was in town for a that kept us busy and I have had lots of Thirty-One Gifts events to go to. Love my business and the gals I am meeting at each party!

Thanks to my amazing customer support and team...I have earned a trip for my family to either Disney World or a cruise of our choice! The program actually doesn't end until the end of I still have a possibility of even going up another level. So thankful and blessed! 

I am also very close to earning a Leadership Incentive Trip to Mexico in October! I won't know for sure until next month...but my goal is to get there! I can't hardly wait!

I am just so excited about my team and the adventure we are on together! God is up to something good and I am very thankful for his many blessings!

So...with that said...I have been very busy! And with the lack of having a working computer at home...I have spent my evenings next to my Hubs on the couch watching movies.

My goal this weekend is to really get a hold of my calendar and to get organized with everything I have to do. May is SUPER busy......and I can hardly wait for that is when we will be leaving to go to National Conference!

Can you tell I love Thirty-One Gifts?? Cause I truly do! It is changing my life and my husband's.

Ok..enough said about that.

I have started running hardcore again. Got to get myself in shape! running partner and I have signed up for another 5K in got to get a moving!

Lots of ideas rambling through my head to write about...will post more soon. I promise! Got to tell you all about our landscaping ordeal!  But right now the sun is shining for a brief moment or I am going to take advantage of it and go get some lunch.

Happy Thursday to you all!