Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sew busy!

I have been spending my down time sewing....Here are a few items I have completed for one order.  They all turned out really cute. I hope my cousin likes them all! :)

Not very often

do I get the opportunity to hang out with my sister three nights in a row! Last week was SPECIAL! I usually call my Sis during my lunch hour to see how her and Little "I" are doing. On Wednesday, I did just that and we started talking about both our Hubs' and how they both were not going to be home for the evening.

So...her and "I" drove up to my house Wed evening after I got off work and hung out with me. We played water balloons, made pizza soup and just enjoyed being outside in the nice weather.

I didn't get very many pictures....put here are just a couple. Loved every minute I spent with them both!

Preseason Game

Hold tight everyone! These next few posts are going to be kind of random. Trying to get pictures uploaded and having quite a time....so just going to randomly select things to talk about over the past week or so.

This past Friday, Hubby and I attended the Chief's preseason game at the New Arrowhead Stadium. I must say that the Hall of Honor was really neat to walk through! I wish I had more time and it had not been so crowded as I would have loved to have looked more closely at everything.

The company I work for was one of the sponsors of the game and gave two free tickets to every employee as well as offered us a GREAT ticket price for additional tickets. I was not going to pass this offer up! I invited my sister and bil to join us and they did!  Our company even let us off early for tailgating! Hubby and I enjoyed some delicious bbq and socializing with my coworkers.  The weather was perfect too!

Unfortunately, the Chiefs lost...but we still had a great time with 700 of my fellow coworkers. lol!  Here is the only picture I have of our staffing team and our spouses.  None of us brought our camera..we just had our cell phones...so this picture will have to do! 

Hopefully, we can make it to a regular season game this year too! We realized after the game why we don't attend more...because of the horrible traffic! Lol! Oh well..we still had a great time!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lots happening

This week has been flying by and I just haven't found a second to sit down and blog! I miss it! Even more...I miss reading all the blogs I follow! I am SO BEHIND! Oh well...maybe I will catch up one day soon!

I am hosting my Fall Open House this Saturday and trying to get the house in order as well as all the products. I am IN LOVE with all the new products and patterns that are out! I just can't get enough of it!  So far my absolute favorite is the City Skirt Purse....it is so me! And you all know how I love handbags! lol!

I have been busy working with Thirty-One and am excited to be back in full swing. Lots going....my SIL joined my team and I already have another gal looking into joining too. Just can't say enough about the excitement I share with this company! They just keep growing and growing!

If you want to find out more about Thirty-One or want to be kept up with the latest news...be sure to check out my blog http://www.adorable31handbags.blogspot.com/ or you can also follow me on Facebook...Dana's 31 Gifts. My goal is keep the blog updated once or twice a week and the facebook fan page...I will be posting something almost every day!  Be sure to check it out. :)

I have also been sewing a few baby quilt orders that I have. I have two complete and am finishing up an order of pillows tonight all for my cousin. All her items turned out really cute! I will post pics...I promise!

After this..one more order to fill! And I am thinking it is going to be my most challenging one. We'll see! It is a beach themed baby quilt!

So as you can see...lots going on...never a dull moment! Hubby is playing golf this Saturday with some friends from work as they are going to practice before they play in a tournament the next weekend. Two Saturday afternoons to myself....wow! That never happens! Maybe I will take a nap! lol!

Enjoy your day!

Monday, August 9, 2010

The mail

Today was such a treat! I got our mail! I sometimes wait two or three days before getting the mail...and since it has been so hot...I decided to wait on walking up the hill. However, today in the 104 degree temps I braved the heat and walked to the top of our hill.

I received a box in the mail with my order from the twins from Twice as Nice Lettering. I follow their blog and we have been blog friends for a while now. Their stuff is so cute! So be sure to check out their etsy site!  I had emailed them a while back about making something for our front door. I sent them an idea I had and away they went in designing it for me.

Check out the finished project! I LOVE IT!

Everyone seems to have their initials on these flag pole type of things in their gardens. I wanted to do something different for our door......and didn't want the normal...Welcome.

I apologize for the lighting....but just had to take pics as soon as I put it up...I just love it and am so happy with the color they helped me choose!  Thank you Fran and Fern!

Be sure to check out their site! www.twiceasnicelettering.etsy.com.

If only mail was this exciting every day!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fun Weekend

What a great weekend we had! Friday night we hung out at home and I worked on some projects and Saturday we drove to my brother and sil's home which is a little over an hour drive. We got to see all the projects they have worked on. They have done a lot on their home and it looked great. Of course we had to check out the nursery....which was just precious!

Check it out! They did such a great job and are ready for our niece to arrive!

They did such a great job on the room! My brother painted all the squares on the wall! He did such a great job! :)

Just a few more shots I took...my SIL got this cute little cow outfit for her! Can't wait to see her in it! Is this not the cutest? Even leg warmers! :)

And then of course...can't go without posting Stash the dog. He has gotten so big! His life is about to change once baby arrives!

We had a great weekend...missed my Sis and BIL...but hoping that they had a great time at the 5k today! 

My parents also came down with Little "I". My dad, bro, hubby and I played 18 holes of golf...and then they made us Pork Chops for dinner. Had a WONDERFUL time hanging out with them all!

Today we decided to try and golf 18 holes again...just Hubby and I. OH MY GOODNESS! It was SOOOOO HOT! I thought I was melting like butter...seriously painful!

Busy week ahead with work and prepping for my Thirty-One fall premier! I will post more about that later.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Finally got around to it

Yes...I finally completed the look for the top of our hutch....I tried several different ideas how...and this is what I came up with.  I really like it! Thanks for all the tips! :)

Behind on posting

Well..I am behind as usual. It's summer time....I guess I will use that as my excuse! lol! 

Last weekend, my nephew came to stay with us the entire weekend. We had such a fun time! I loved every minute!  I was a busy Auntie and didn't have much time for pictures....however, I did take a few while we were at the zoo on Saturday. 

Uncle M and Little I had a great time together.  We would walk by the signs and Little I would say...what's that say? So Uncle M would read it to him. Such a smart boy! hehe!

When we looking at the gorillas Little I walked right up to where they were on the other side of the glass and said "Hello...can you say Hello...I came to see you"

It was a really hot day...but we had lots of fun and came home and swam and splashed in the water that afternoon. A great way to cool off! However, Auntie D didn't get any pictures...as I was participating in the getting wet part. lol! 

Had tons of fun! Thank you for letting him stay! :)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Prayer Request

FINAL UPDATE - Thank you to all of you for your prayers. Mommy and baby are doing fine. The doctor thinks that she just had a pocket of fluid leave her body yesterday. Baby girl is moving around just fine and looked good on the ultrasound. My SIL even went to work this afternoon. Thank you thank you thank you! Praise God!

UPDATE -10:15 am  The baby is moving ok....heartbeat is good. They are doing an ultrasound to double check everything. Thank you for your prayers!

My sister in law is headed to the hospital this morning. She has lost fluid and the baby has not been very active. Please lift them and my brother up in prayer. I will keep you posted as I know more.

Thank you.