Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Preseason Game

Hold tight everyone! These next few posts are going to be kind of random. Trying to get pictures uploaded and having quite a time....so just going to randomly select things to talk about over the past week or so.

This past Friday, Hubby and I attended the Chief's preseason game at the New Arrowhead Stadium. I must say that the Hall of Honor was really neat to walk through! I wish I had more time and it had not been so crowded as I would have loved to have looked more closely at everything.

The company I work for was one of the sponsors of the game and gave two free tickets to every employee as well as offered us a GREAT ticket price for additional tickets. I was not going to pass this offer up! I invited my sister and bil to join us and they did!  Our company even let us off early for tailgating! Hubby and I enjoyed some delicious bbq and socializing with my coworkers.  The weather was perfect too!

Unfortunately, the Chiefs lost...but we still had a great time with 700 of my fellow coworkers. lol!  Here is the only picture I have of our staffing team and our spouses.  None of us brought our camera..we just had our cell phones...so this picture will have to do! 

Hopefully, we can make it to a regular season game this year too! We realized after the game why we don't attend more...because of the horrible traffic! Lol! Oh well..we still had a great time!

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