Monday, August 9, 2010

The mail

Today was such a treat! I got our mail! I sometimes wait two or three days before getting the mail...and since it has been so hot...I decided to wait on walking up the hill. However, today in the 104 degree temps I braved the heat and walked to the top of our hill.

I received a box in the mail with my order from the twins from Twice as Nice Lettering. I follow their blog and we have been blog friends for a while now. Their stuff is so cute! So be sure to check out their etsy site!  I had emailed them a while back about making something for our front door. I sent them an idea I had and away they went in designing it for me.

Check out the finished project! I LOVE IT!

Everyone seems to have their initials on these flag pole type of things in their gardens. I wanted to do something different for our door......and didn't want the normal...Welcome.

I apologize for the lighting....but just had to take pics as soon as I put it up...I just love it and am so happy with the color they helped me choose!  Thank you Fran and Fern!

Be sure to check out their site!

If only mail was this exciting every day!


Twice as Nice said...

Hey it looks great but did you have any trouble putting it on? When you said you sometimes wait for days before getting your mail I didn't know if the vinyl got too warm and you would have trouble with the vinyl releasing from the backing paper. We're so glad you like it. We like the design too and may but it in our shop!

Anonymous said...

That looks awesome, what a great idea!!