Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fun Weekend

What a great weekend we had! Friday night we hung out at home and I worked on some projects and Saturday we drove to my brother and sil's home which is a little over an hour drive. We got to see all the projects they have worked on. They have done a lot on their home and it looked great. Of course we had to check out the nursery....which was just precious!

Check it out! They did such a great job and are ready for our niece to arrive!

They did such a great job on the room! My brother painted all the squares on the wall! He did such a great job! :)

Just a few more shots I SIL got this cute little cow outfit for her! Can't wait to see her in it! Is this not the cutest? Even leg warmers! :)

And then of course...can't go without posting Stash the dog. He has gotten so big! His life is about to change once baby arrives!

We had a great weekend...missed my Sis and BIL...but hoping that they had a great time at the 5k today! 

My parents also came down with Little "I". My dad, bro, hubby and I played 18 holes of golf...and then they made us Pork Chops for dinner. Had a WONDERFUL time hanging out with them all!

Today we decided to try and golf 18 holes again...just Hubby and I. OH MY GOODNESS! It was SOOOOO HOT! I thought I was melting like butter...seriously painful!

Busy week ahead with work and prepping for my Thirty-One fall premier! I will post more about that later.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!


Ashley said...

Love the nursery! And that cow outfit is so cute. Glad you had a good weekend, minus the heat.

Allyson said...

Such a sweet nursery! Your brother did a great job painting.