Thursday, August 5, 2010

Behind on posting

Well..I am behind as usual. It's summer time....I guess I will use that as my excuse! lol! 

Last weekend, my nephew came to stay with us the entire weekend. We had such a fun time! I loved every minute!  I was a busy Auntie and didn't have much time for pictures....however, I did take a few while we were at the zoo on Saturday. 

Uncle M and Little I had a great time together.  We would walk by the signs and Little I would say...what's that say? So Uncle M would read it to him. Such a smart boy! hehe!

When we looking at the gorillas Little I walked right up to where they were on the other side of the glass and said "Hello...can you say Hello...I came to see you"

It was a really hot day...but we had lots of fun and came home and swam and splashed in the water that afternoon. A great way to cool off! However, Auntie D didn't get any I was participating in the getting wet part. lol! 

Had tons of fun! Thank you for letting him stay! :)

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