Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Beautiful day

Hard to believe that today is the 10th of June. There are days where everything seems a bit overwhelming and I guess I could say that this day is one of those days. Don't take it the wrong way, life is so good, and I have so many blessings, but sometimes I am overwhelmed by the love that is expressed to myself and my family. Gosh..I just don't even know if I know the right words to say.

Thank you to all of my wonderful friends and family members who have called, sent emails, cards wishing both Mike and I happy birthdays. How awesome it is to know we are thought about on our days. :) I don't want to sound too sappy, but it is hard not too. When speaking to my sister last night, I realized just how much I miss my Grandma B. Birthdays are just not the same without her and her voice on the phone or the note and card that she would send. When does the pain/hurt go away? I ask myself that all the time. When do I realize that I can't pick up the phone and call her and tell her the latest news? Maybe it never goes away. In a way, I hope it doesn't. I want to keep her fresh in my mind. Oh to get one more Grandma hug...what I would do for one of those. I know she is smiling down on me today and I think I may have to dig out my Grandma Keepsake box tonight and try and find the note she wrote me last year on this day..it is so comforting to read her writings......

Miss Bella decided to give mommy a great birthday present! HA! I decided to go into work later this morning, so I left her outside by the deck, tied up. She decided to go under the deck to the other side, then tried to come back the other way. Well she got herself all tangled up, decided to dig in the mud and when I went out try and find her, I looked over the edge and there was her little head peeking up at me with the look of "HELP MOM I AM STUCK!". She is so muddy! Oh my goodness...a bath will be needed tonight. She is in the garage for the day and needless to say she knows she is in trouble.

Our weekend was good. Mike celebrated his birthday, almost the entire weekend. He got to go pick out a few things at Lowes, and I took him out to dinner on Saturday evening. We also went to see the Indiana Jones movie. I love INDY movies.

Today is going to be a gorgeous day outside! I love days like this! :) My awesome hubby is taking me out for chinese food tonight at my favorite place in Liberty! Way excited! And I am hoping to leave a bit early to get a pedicure/manicure. Oh yes and my friend Leslie is meeting me for lunch. What a great day it shall be!

We sold our furniture to a couple last night. It is nice to have more room in the garage now. Hoping to get more of it cleaned out this week, before it gets any hotter out there! Company coming this weekend so we must prepare for them too! I am hoping to get some newer pictures of Isaac posted on here soon! It has been a while since I have seen him! He is now using his legs a lot more, Kara says. We will see him on Saturday and Sunday and he better be prepared for plenty of Auntie D kisses! :)

I guess that about wraps it up for the day. Thanking God today for each of you and for the gift of life that I have been given for 32 years! Wow...Can't believe it has been that long! :)

Have a sunny day!

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Why is it that some mornings are easier than others? I often wonder that. Today is just one of those mornings. I went through the drive through at Starbucks and bought a VENTE (large) latte. WHOA! Talk about needing a pick me up.

I am sitting at my desk at work this morning, not in the mood to work, not in the mood to really do anything but climb back into bed. I slept good last night, just wish I could have gotten more sleep.

Our week here has been going good. Lots of summer planning going on, so lots to look forward to. Wyatt will be here in a few weeks, so we are both anticipating that and wondering what he will think of his new place to call home. I sure hope he likes it, we want him to feel welcome and know that he can come see us anytime. He will be here for the last week of June, so we are very excited!

Bella, our puggle, has begun to notice all of the animal life that is around our house. Last night, I had just got home from work and put her in the backyard to potty, she went all the way to the border of our line and the neighbors, saw a bird flying around the neighbors yard, turned back and looked at me, and of course I said NO BELLA, and off she went four houses up! Finally, she gave up on the bird and came back home after I called and called for her. Then again this morning she has been trying to chase the birds off of our property. I guess she is realizing that this is "her" yard and they shouldn't be intruding. Pretty funny to say the least!

I am wondering what she will do if the deer that we saw the other night come any closer...oh boy that would be something to watch!

I promise to upload more pictures soon. I just have been bad about taking any, as we have been trying to unpack every evening. We are also setting things aside for a garage sale...hoping that our subdivision will have one again this fall so we can join in.

Back to work I go....just felt like dropping a note and saying GOOD MORNING to you all. :) Have a wonderful day!

Monday, June 2, 2008

New bed

Ahhh...nothing like a new bed and mattress to sleep on. They arrived today and it is so comfy! A little firmer than our last mattress, but our other mattress was hurting Mike's back so we decided to try the firmer kind. And it's a king bed!! We finally have room for the both of us and I won't have to cling to the side! HA! It wasn't that bad, but it is nice to be able to sprawl out a little.

This evening was busy doing laundry and setting up our bedroom. We are now moved out of the guest bedroom and enjoying the master.

The weekend was busy for the both of us. I spent all day Saturday finishing up our window treatments, organizing our closet and bathroom. All of our clothes are finally put away and we can find our bathroom necessities. Boy does that feel good. I enjoyed Sunday afternoon out in the front drive and washed both my car and Mike's...it was hot!! Oh my goodness...I was drenched by the time I got both done. I enjoyed it though! hehe!

Other than that, it's back to work this week as usual. Getting ready for Mike's birthday on Friday. Trying to plan something special for him. Hopefully, I can get something figured out.

Ok..I must go..I am exhausted..just didn't want to leave you all hanging!! We are here and getting settled in...hopefully things will slow down more soon!

Have a wonderful week!!