Thursday, June 5, 2008


Why is it that some mornings are easier than others? I often wonder that. Today is just one of those mornings. I went through the drive through at Starbucks and bought a VENTE (large) latte. WHOA! Talk about needing a pick me up.

I am sitting at my desk at work this morning, not in the mood to work, not in the mood to really do anything but climb back into bed. I slept good last night, just wish I could have gotten more sleep.

Our week here has been going good. Lots of summer planning going on, so lots to look forward to. Wyatt will be here in a few weeks, so we are both anticipating that and wondering what he will think of his new place to call home. I sure hope he likes it, we want him to feel welcome and know that he can come see us anytime. He will be here for the last week of June, so we are very excited!

Bella, our puggle, has begun to notice all of the animal life that is around our house. Last night, I had just got home from work and put her in the backyard to potty, she went all the way to the border of our line and the neighbors, saw a bird flying around the neighbors yard, turned back and looked at me, and of course I said NO BELLA, and off she went four houses up! Finally, she gave up on the bird and came back home after I called and called for her. Then again this morning she has been trying to chase the birds off of our property. I guess she is realizing that this is "her" yard and they shouldn't be intruding. Pretty funny to say the least!

I am wondering what she will do if the deer that we saw the other night come any closer...oh boy that would be something to watch!

I promise to upload more pictures soon. I just have been bad about taking any, as we have been trying to unpack every evening. We are also setting things aside for a garage sale...hoping that our subdivision will have one again this fall so we can join in.

Back to work I go....just felt like dropping a note and saying GOOD MORNING to you all. :) Have a wonderful day!

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