Monday, October 11, 2010

A good weekend

Weekends tend to just fly by now a days! Is that happening with any of you? Our Friday evenings are usually pretty laid back at our house. We are both exhausted from the week of work and we just crash on the couch. This Friday was a little different as I prepped all my items for the vendor event I did on Saturday.

It was the PERFECT weather day on Saturday. I travelled about an hour north to attend a Wine Fest as a vendor. It was a wonderful afternoon and evening. I enjoyed being outside and watching and meeting all the people that attended the event.  I received several AMAZES me how no one has heard of Thirty-One Gifts. It is what gets me excited! Even though we have 560 some consultants in is still not heard of in SO many areas! The opportunities are ENDLESS! I love it when those looking at my booth say that they can't believe how affordable and cute everything is! That is one of the reasons I joined!

So yes...the event was successful. And I am so happy I attended and the best part was that my parents came and helped me set up and stayed throughout the entire event and even helped me load my car back up that evening. What great parents I have! I enjoyed every minute with them! It doesn't happen very often you Mom and Dad!

Yesterday, Hubby and I made it a goal to have ourselves a date. So we went to see the movie Secretariat. It was good! I enjoyed it....but I am a sucker for true favorites! It was truly inspirational to me too. Had me all fired up last night at setting my eyes on the goals I have in my life. :)

So now it is Monday and it is back to work. Oh how I wish I worked for the govt so I could celebrate this Columbus Day!

Hoping you all have a wonderful day!

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Anonymous said...

The weekend sounds great! And I am super happy to hear that you liked The Secretariat. I want to see that, I too am a sucker for a true story and I can't resist an inspirational one at that!