Thursday, July 1, 2010

Extended Birthday

On Friday night when I arrived home, there was a box sitting at our front door. It was my birthday present from my Jersey girls. I was THRILLED when I opened it up. See what they got me!

The cutest candle holders, napkin holder and salt and pepper shaker. They are to use out on our deck....but I have actually been using them inside on our bar. They go so well with my kitchen decor....if you haven't seen it...or don't know what I is Mason JARS...or maybe just jars in general. Anyways...I can't wait to use them outside one night when we eat...but for now they are working PERFECTLY in our kitchen!

I also received my birthday gift from my Sister and her family on Friday night when I met her for at the musical.  She let me pick it out....but I am LOVING it! Yellow totally makes me happy! :)

So I guess you could say that my birthday lasted almost 3 weeks....gotta love that!

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