Thursday, July 1, 2010

Little House on the Prairie

For Mother's Day this year, we gave our Mom a ticket to the Little House on the Prairie Musical. The plan was that my Sissie, SIL and myself would join her for a fun girls night out. Unfortunately, something came up last minute for my SIL, so my sis's old roommate,Ab, from college joined us for the evening.

Despite the humidity and heat, it was a great night. Our plan was to meet early enough at the theater to grab a bite to eat and see all the extra activities that they had set up. Due to traffic, my Mom and Sis were delayed a bit, however we still had plenty of time to eat.

I loved watching Little House on the Prairie growing up and still to this day if I see it on tv, I stop to watch. I have all the books and love learning more about the life that they lived on the prairie. It fascinates me. Maybe one day I will make it to her home to visit.

Melissa Gilbert played Ma....and did a great job.

And the girl that played Nellie was AWESOME. Sounded and looked just like her...but I couldn't find a picture. (by the way...these pictures are from their website...they even have a blog!)

The musical was great, even though the music I was not familiar with. It was just fun hanging out and having a night out with the girls!

Here is our view of the stage.....they wouldn't let us take pictures during the performance..

My Mom, Sissie and I!

Kid and her friend Ab

Me and my Sissie

Can't wait to hang out with them again!

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