Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Explanation of exciting

So I mentioned on my FB account that I was so so so excited last Friday! It's true...I was and am! For a couple of reasons that I felt I should list out for y'all!

1. I spent the weekend with my sisters, nephew and parents. Can't get better than that!

2. I gave my SIL the baby quilt I made for her and she loved it.

3. The baby quilt was such a success that I now have a couple of orders for more!

4. My nephew is coming to my house this weekend to stay and I can't wait to play with him!

5. After taking some time off from my Thirty-One business....I'M BACK! And in full swing and feeling more prepared and ready to go! The company is doing exceptionally well and have made TREMENDOUS improvements on a couple of issues I had before. I just can't wait to show everyone their new Fall Catalog....the BEST YET!  I have started up a blog again.....be sure and check it out....I will be updating it with specials, etc. http://www.adorable31handbags.blogspot.com/. Also, if you want to join my newsletter. Let me know. It is a great way of staying informed and up to date on the latest items. Oh yes, and the best part is that all the items are now in ONE catalog..which makes life much easier! I would love to share more with you. Want to know more about Thirty-One Gifts....you can find my site here.. www.mythirtyone.com/DanaT. I just can't say enough! Want to host a party to go, online party or at home party...contact me. Would love to set you up! Or...sign up under me for $99.00 and get almost $300.00 worth of product AND you don't have to sell another item if you don't want too.....the best deal yet!

6. I love my church. Love it and the people who go there. I am starting to volunteer for a few things and feeling more confident in myself. This past Sunday, I served communion for the first time ever. Needless to say, this was stepping WAY out of my comfort zone. However, God sure knew what he was doing as he partnered me up with the sweetest lady that introduced herself to me the first time I attended. So that made it so much easier. I am also getting so much out of Pastor Jim's messages. I have been feeling pretty down on myself lately, hopeless....frustrated with life in general. And low and behold I go to church Sunday, and he says that just because life isn't turning out the way we planned it or HOPED for it too doesn't mean it is bad, in fact it is probably pretty good compared to others in this world. Ok....ok....I get it....there are so many people worse off...that I must be thankful for what I do have in life instead of having a poor me pity party. So I felt renewed and reminded of God's love after church Sunday. Praise the Lord for his blessings!

7. I love golfing. I do! After spending a week consistently golfing with hubby and son....I love it! It is relaxing to me....and I love that we can do it together as a family.  It has only taken me several years to finally understand it. lol!

8. My neighborhood is growing and it makes me excited!

9. I have really enjoyed all the sunshine and heat that we have been having. Yes, it has been EXTREMELY HOT! However, I just remind myself of all the days I was SO COLD this winter....and I will take the heat any day over those dreary days!

10. And last but not least, it is almost August...and I just love that fall is approaching. Where has the summer gone?

So there you have it...may not seem to exciting to anyone else....but to me it is VERY! Happy Tuesday!

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Allyson said...

I love when life is good and God bestows so many blessings on us! I love 31 gifts. I have on the insulated lunch bags and LOVE IT!