Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July Weekend

Our weekend was jam packed full of things to do. Before the weekend began, I asked Hub's to hang our new flag outside our house. I had wanted one last year, but never got around to getting one put up. It looks pretty good.

Friday, we started out the weekend right with a round of golf in the evening and homemade omelets for dinner. Saturday, we were both up early and running around doing errands before a wedding celebration that afternoon and evening. If you follow me on twitter/facebook, you know that I was just having the time of my life...ha! (spoken sarcastically)

Sunday morning was another early morning as I drove home to spend time with my family. I met my family at church and got to sit by this little guy. He is so grown up!

He and Papa read some books in the afternoon....and it was nice to just hang out and look at old photos....I hope to share some soon.

I loved every minute!  I got to spend some time with my cousins and Aunt and Uncle too....just wishing our visit could have been longer. Here are just a few more snapshots.....Little I and Miss C (my cousin's little girl)....playing together...

And Little I could not wait for AZ to wake up.

I didn't get any pics of Baby E....and obviously none of the rest of the gang either....but loved hearing all the laughter and talk with everyone. Grandpa and Grandma would have loved listening to us all visit!

I drove back Sunday evening in a Thunderstorm...it was horrible! Thankfully, I made it back safely. No fireworks for us and I was fine with that. There was enough going on around our neighborhood that it filled the void of a big celebration.

Monday was a day of relaxation in our house. I did some laundry and took a nap! It was wonderful until last night when I was trying to sleep and then couldn't. Now I remember why I rarely take naps!

One week and we will be on vacation.  Where to? We are staying home. "Y" is coming to see us for a week and we are going to enjoy our time at home and do some golfing. Can't hardly wait!

Hoping you all had a wonderful holiday! So thankful for the country we live in and those who fight for our freedom! Special thanks to my cousin Bud who is now in Afghanistan. Keeping him and all others in my prayers!

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A Wedding Story said...

Your house is beautiful. Love all of your pictures!