Thursday, July 22, 2010


Well vacation has come and gone. BOO! I so enjoyed my time off from work and as much as I had hoped to catch up on blogging, I instead took some time away from the computer.  I am loving all this HEAT and SUNSHINE and I just can't pin myself down to sit in front of the computer at night. 

My stepson is definitely a teenager now. It is so fun to hear him talk about girls. I as a stepmomma don't want to see him get hurt, however Hubby has warned him that some girls may break his heart and that is okay...there are more fish in the sea.  The first girlfriend I believe has already come and gone. Oh to be young again. I don't wish to be that age ever again!

We spent 7 days golfing in the heat, a day at the local amusement park (Worlds of Fun) and a day at the K watching baseball. I have never sweated so much in my life. I kept telling them that we had to be loosing weight with all the sweat we were perspiring. LOL!

Our house is all quiet now and we miss him horribly. However, our visit was great and we look forward to being together again....hopefully soon. Y has a baseball tournament at the end of the month and if they win they will be playing in Texas (which would be great for us as we could take a drive down that way and watch him praying this happens!)

Now we are both back to work and trying to get back into the swing of every day living.  I am heading home this weekend for my SIL's baby shower and look forward to seeing family and friends. Bought a cute dress at Target yesterday for it! I can't wait to show you all! I just love Target!

I also spent the past week making my gift for my SIL and niece.  What do you think? No...she doesn't read my I think I am pretty safe posting pictures here...I love making these things!

Another hot day today... I will leave you with a couple of my favorite photos of our week together (ignore how sweaty they was HOT outside!) ....
Happy Thursday y'all!


Allyson said...

Glad that you had a nice vacation! And I love the quilt, so sweet!

Cherish This Life! said...

It sounds like you had a great vacation, the pictures are great! We spent a day at the K as well and man oh man it's incredible just how much you can sweat! The baby blanket is great, you do such a great job on them...I bet your SIL is going to love it, hope you have a great weekend!