Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Riding the Ducks

Our first afternoon in Branson - we decided after nap time that it was a good time to go and Ride the Ducks before the rain came through.
We ended up only having to wait about 20 minutes...so not bad at all.  As you can see, Little "I" was very patient sitting with each of us! He loved being with his grandparents....

And of course his Mommy and Auntie! :) He wanted to make sure that he had his ticket (we had to put it in his shorts pocket).

The trip was fun....windy and a little hot. But we survived and saw some great scenery of the lake. Little "I" even got to drive the both with Papa.

By the end we were tired and hungry. So we headed down to the landing to eat at a Mexican restaurant. 
Of course we had to check out the fountains while we were there!

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abby said...

So cute & such fun! Miss you D!