Friday, June 11, 2010

Another year gone

I had the best day yesterday! I was wished Happy Birthday by so many friends and was simply wonderful!  My two favorite people met me at my house for lunch and Jimmy John's.  I could have spent all afternoon with the two of them!  My sister told me that Little "I" remembers that I call him my " My Bobba Lou"...and he wanted me to say it that! 

My sister also had me pick out my birthday excited to show you...but will wait till it arrives!
My boss gave me the cutest makeup bag and chocolate truffles and one of the ladies I work with gave me a bag of Mary Kay I felt pretty spoiled at work!

Last night Hubby surprised me by not going to the gym after work and coming home to take me out to eat BBQ! I was so excited and ate every last bite....ribs and fried mushrooms...SO GOOD! I was STUFFED! However, I still got my wish having an ice cream cake too!


It was a Chocolate cake from Baskin Robbins with cookies and cream ice cream inside....SO GOOD!

To top off the night we hung out on our new furniture and watched the movie Extraordinary Measures. I had been wanting to watch it...but Hubs wasn't sure....he caved in with it being my birthday and all. lol!  It was a good movie...inspiring.

And one of the best parts of the entire night is that we both actually fit on our new sectional. He can lay and be comfortable on one end and I on the other. That is a first for us since we moved into this house! To see my hubby comfortable is a great sight to see!

Looks like it might start raining here this morning. I am off today during lunch to find a round plate to put above our hutch.....hoping I can find one.

And tonight...I am FINALLY Faux legs at least. My arms are pretty tan from golfing. But my legs are WHITE.  Will let you all know how it turns out.

Happy Friday!!


jenn said...

what a great day you had!!!

don't you just love birthdays???

Allyson said...

Hope that you had a great Birthday! That cake looks so yummy!

abby said...

I hope you had a wonderful day and were thoroughly spoiled!! xo