Friday, June 18, 2010

The plate

So last Friday night, I went on a hunt for a big plate to put above our hutch.  I searched about 5 stores...and finally found this Hobby Lobby.  What do you all think?  I can't decide if I want to keep the candles up there with it or not...but I think it adds height to the room and balances out that wall.  Maybe I just need different colored candles.

However, I have thought about going and buying these really BIG and CHUNKY candle stands that you can use with the candles that plug in...I will have try and find a picture of them...I saw them in a local store and they are so cute! I could plug them into a timer and they would light up on their own at night....

Anyways....still going to think on it...who knows..maybe I will just keep the plate up there. 



Twice as Nice said...

I would group those candles or two others if you want new ones, in one corner, the plate in the other and some thing with less height in the middle. Or you could leave the plate in the middle both candle sticks together in one corner and find something with height for the other corner. It will just fill it up and balance it out. Sometimes I put a plate up and put a small picture or a small potted plant in front of it too. Love what you have but it still seems a bit sparse. Play around with other things in your house, you'll get it. Hope you got all this babble.

jenn said...

i agree with 'twice as nice' --- group the candles together...put some greenery in the middle and the plate on the other side!!!

love the plate =)