Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Monday

Another Monday is here and I find myself wishing I just had one more day to the weekend! Why are they never long enough?

Our weekend was WONDERFUL. We didn't even do that much...just hung out at home. I deep cleaned our master bath and organized every drawer/cabinet I could find. Such a great feeling to have that all done! 

I spent some time in the kitchen making spinach rolls, frozen fruit cups and black bean and corn salsa....all of which we have been enjoying. The fruit cup recipe is on my recipe blog now...I will put the other two up tonight or tomorrow.

We also went to see the movie the was pretty good. At least it kept my attention! 

Oh..and I faux tanned my legs....I am ready to do it again already! I must say that using a brush is the best thing ever...cause you don't get your hands all messy...I have no streaks...I put it on lightly (thanks to the Twins tip!), it dried fast and no smell!  And the best thing is that my letgs were instantly you can see where you are putting it on. SO....this I definitely recommend!

Besides hanging out and watching movies....and just avoiding the rain and humidity...that about wraps up my weekend! Hoping you all had great ones!

Oh...and I found a plate for the top of our hutch...will have to take a picture and show you all...still nothing above the fireplace....might take us a while to figure that out.

Happy Monday!

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