Wednesday, March 24, 2010

10 things you might not know about me

On the LPM (Living Proof Ministry blog) they have 10 things we might not know about them. I thought I would share mine with you:

1. When I am standing barefoot, I usually curl my toes underneath my feet. Don’t know why…but I do it so much that sometimes I don’t even know I am doing it – until my Hubby points it out.

2. I cannot stand to sleep without covers – so in the winter time – I sleep in a tank top and shorts- same in the summer. Can’t wear pants to bed.

3. I can’t stand for there to be anything put on our dining room table. Every night my husband comes home and lays his stuff on top of it and every night I move it off.

4. I have REALLY thick hair. So thick that each time I get it cut, I have it thinned out because it gets so heavy. ( And I never use any products in my hair)

5. I am claustrophobic.

6. I never drink just a glass of milk. Can’t stand it.

7. I played the clarinet for 6 years and I also took piano lessons from my Aunt in elementary.

8. I use to be in girl scouts.

9. I am short – 5’1” and hated being teased about it when I was a child.

10. I refuse to use anything but Bath and Body Works body cream on my body for a moisturizer. (use to be a store manager and am still hooked)

What are your ten things???


Halley said...

Hi Dana-

I found you through 6 Degrees of Blogging...I am your newest follower and your blog is featured on my blog!

Looking forward to blogging with you!

Halley said...

I should have posted your '10 Things...'...LOL! I was trying to go quickly cause I knew you all would be heading over to see the post! :-) It is so fun to meet people through blogging! Anyways, have a great night and glad to have found ya!