Friday, March 12, 2010

Unexpected surprises

This morning I received a text from my sister asking if her and Little "I" could come meet me at my house for lunch. I was so excited! I could hardly wait for lunch! Little "I" played almost the entire time he was here...barely touched his lunch. I could have stayed all afternoon hanging out with them was so good to see them! Love little unexpected surprises!

Little "I" has been fighting pneumonia...and I am hoping that once he gets better...he will be having his first overnight trip at our house! Can't wait! :)

I am so happy it is the weekend! I just love them!  Don't you? I am watching What Not To Wear on TLC at this moment....I would just love meeting Stacy and Clinton! I am not sure what to think of Ted, the new guy that is doing the hair.....I miss Nic..I will say Ted sure does more dramatic changes with hairstyles. I wonder what style he would choose for me.  I have had so many crazy hairdos and hair colors! Oh my! I have been red, blond, permed and chopped off as short as can be.....nope...not going to share the pics with you at this time...but maybe one day when we are all needing a good laugh!

Just a relaxing evening at home...

1 comment:

Traci said...

I'll bet you are a great auntie!!

I NEED to watch What Not to Wear!! Maybe I will catch a marathon this weekend...