Monday, March 29, 2010

My project

Well we are still without wireless internet or a laptop. So I am way behind on reading all the blogs I love reading and way behind on updating my own!  The issue is about to be taken care of then I will be back on track! As you can see from the picture above...the sanding began this weekend on the chest of drawers. In fact, I finished sanding as of yesterday and tonight I will begin to paint! Hoping it turns out as well as I picture it to be!

Hubby worked all day yesterday adding the lighting to the basement. What a difference the lights make! We can actually see in the basement. I would take a picture...but I am not sure you could tell much of a difference.

I am so excited for the nice weather that we are going to have this week! I see lots of my evenings outside and I can't wait!  I am hoping to get some plants this week fact it may be today as I am driving my Hub's truck today and I could just throw the potting soil in the back...I guess it will depend how long it takes to get the oil changed during lunch.  Doesn't that sound like fun?? Just my idea of an excitingl lunch hour!

Remember my friend/coworker that lost her job?? Well she received two job offers on Thursday and accepted one on Friday. So thankful for your words of support for her.  And speaking of jobs, I am so thankful for where I work....I found out on Saturday that the dept at my old job announced that they are laying off practically the entire dept and outsourcing the jobs to India!!  Praise God I am not still there!  God sure had a hand in putting me in the right place at the right time.

I think that about wraps up the news around here....oh..if you want to try and YUMMY lemon bar sure to check out the recipe blog....I tried the PW's is so GOOD!

Happy Monday!

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