Monday, March 22, 2010

What a weekend!

Is it really over already? Every Monday, I think I need an extra day off...I never feel like I get enough rest!

My hubby had to work all weekend, so that really didn't help matters whole schedule was thrown off. Oh least the sun is shining today!

Saturday - I never left the house...the snow fell all day and night. I watched some tv, did a little cleaning, made some cookies and just vegged. It was really nice.

Sunday - My favorite little guy "I" came to see us.  We haven't had him at our house for a long time...he is such a talker now!  As you can see from the pics....Bella wasn't sure what to think of him invading her space. Ha! We played games, read books, made a tent, had tackle/tickle time and watched 3 movies. What a day!
He is growing up so fast!

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Kara said...

I cannot believe how much he looks like a BOY in these pictures. What happened to my baby???