Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patty's Day

Did you wear your green today?? Hard to believe it is the middle of March already! My goodness! Time sure flies~

Yesterday, one of my dear friends from work was told that her position was being eliminated (a reduction in force)and that it was her last day of work. (she helped me get the job I am currently at...and was my supervisor for a short time - we use to be Bath and Body Work store managers together many years ago)....anyways....I have been so bummed about it. If there is one person that I absolutely LOVE working with and for it is her.  She has always taught me so much about the business world.  So..I could hardly sleep at all last night...I told my Hubby I just felt so numb....shocked, sad, and bummed.  I have NO doubt in my mind that she will find another job right away as she has such a strong fact she even had an interview today!  Hoping and praying for her.  I still love my job...just wishing I could still work with her.

Any who....that is what I have been feeling for the past two days.  I know my body is tired...and I need my sleep...but for some reason.....I am not sleepy at all.....why oh why? 

I am watching the Price of Beauty with Jessica Simpson that I recorded on VH1....did you see it? I wasn't sure if I would like it or not....but I am thinking....I like it.  I am seeing Jessica in a whole new world.

Did you know they have forecast some snow in the forecast this Saturday? UGH! I want some springtime!

That about wraps it up on my end right now....heres to hoping for more exciting posts soon! Thanks for sticking with me!!


Traci said...

So sorry about your co-worker. I absolutely hate change at work.

I forgot to dvr Prince of Beauty!! Oh well, it's VH1- I'm sure it will show 100 more times! :)

lady said...