Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Chest of Drawers

This chest of drawers has been sitting in our garage for several months now...Hubby keeps asking me
what I plan on doing with it and where am I going to put it. It belonged to my grandparents and when it was time to sell everything, I decided to take this and try and put it to good use.

I have been trying to make a decision....I think that it is going to go into my craftroom closet for more storage...however, I plan to do a couple of things to it first.  Never NEVER done this before...but how hard can it be? I am going to sand it down this week and hope to get to Lowe's this weekend for some paint and some hardware to put on it.

Any of you done this before? I have found several different ideas online....so I am going to use that as my guide.  Oh goodness! I may take on more than I can handle. Ha!

As you can see....the finish is definitely worn off...and it is dusty too!  There isn't anything that special to it, but I know that it can hold my sewing materials and other items....so I figure it is worth a shot. Plus...the best part...it was FREE! :)

Yes...that is Christmas decor that we had outside sitting to the left....I need to get that put away too!
So...that is one of my projects this week....I have a couple of others...but will wait to share with you later about them. 

I have a headache today....woke up with one....why...oh why?  I blame the dream/nightmare that I was having...it was just awful! In it was a cat, named Bella...and a HUGE snake.....and the cat decided to try and eat the snake....and everyone was worried about the cat not surviving because the snake was poisonous....

SERIOUSLY??? Now why in the world would I be dreaming of such a thing....no wonder I woke up with a headache...it was just awful! ha!

Lucky for me....I swung by Starbucks this morning and picked up a latte and it is helping soothe my troubled mind.  Here's to another day we have been blessed with!  Enjoy every minute. :)

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Traci said...

I would sand that puppy, paint it black and then sand the edges. That's me, though! :)