Monday, December 28, 2009

Oh how I love my new chocolate brown boots

For Christmas....from my hubby....I received these!

Let me just tell ya'll....they are heavenly..warm, cozy, comfortable and I never want to ever take them off...well at least until it hits 70 degrees out....I had asked for a pair for Christmas....and be quite honest...I ordered them online...had them shipped to the hubby and he wrapped them up for me as one of his of the best ideas I have ever done! ha!

The funniest part is that he had no idea what was in the box, didn't open it...just wrapped it up and put a name tag on it from him to me. He was just as curious when I opened it as I was to see them in person!  I am not sure he was as fond of them as I was...his reaction was...."oh....I got you....brown snow boots?!"  I kindly reminded honey..they aren't snow boots....these are boots to wear out and about for some warmth and fashion! lol!

Oh they are even better in person than online! No - they are not the UGG brand...but to me...just as wonderful! They are the EMU brand...and I have fallen in love with them. 

And I just had to share with you my new brown chocolate boots.

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Rachael said...

D, I too am in Love with my Chocolate Brown Boots (no they are not ugs, but the Costco brand) and I could sleep in them.
I think we got some of the same things for Christmas! Hope you and Y have a great day!