Saturday, December 26, 2009

Our Christmas at home

Due to the weather this year, we spent Christmas Day at home.  We were so happy to have "Y" here and loved waking up in our own beds and opening presents together.  I had hoped to make it up to my parents and aunt and uncle's home later on yesterday, but due to road closures, it was just not possible. We haven't decided when we will be exchanging gifts with all of them yet, but hoping soon. :)

Santa found "Y" here in the midwest this year and decided it was time for him to have an iphone...

Santa also visited Bella and she loves her new toys.

And hubby loved his new Blue Ray DVD player too....the added bonus is that he also received some new dvds...which was nice to have since we have been snowed in!

We  have a new video camera that I have been trying to use...but still learning all the new ways of installing them on my laptop. Hopefully, I will get a video or two posted later tonight.

I have been home now for three days...and am really enjoying my jammies! "Y" asked to go to a movie tonight...and hubby told him that it is sold out...we don't feel like getting out in the cold....perhaps tomorrow afternoon.  Another night of movies, coffee/hot chocolate and snacks. Got to love it!

Hoping you all enjoyed you Christmas...whether it was in the Blizzard or not! :)

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