Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Place

This week has been full of emotions....I don't know where to really begin and I am not sure I am in the mood to share it all with you.  All I can say is this, I refuse to let the negativeness ruin my Christmas cheer! Not only has it been hitting me...but some of those closest to me...and really...I have just about had enough of the evilness in this world trying to take over and ruin Christmas for those that are closest to me. 

Just when things are going so smoothly, BAM, it happens where everything seems to feel like it is crashing down around me.  UGH! Hate when that happens. Enough said 'bout that.

I am much better today than I was yesterday and am SO excited as tonight I get to spend the evening with three of my favorite ladies! My Mom, Sissie and SIL! We bought our Mom tickets to see the Mannheim Steamrollers for her birthday and tonight is the night! I CAN'T wait! We are meeting for dinner then heading to the show.  I am so ready for some happy holiday cheer! 

On another note, I am STILL trying to get all of my Christmas shopping done.....I think Sunday is going to have to be the day to Christmas is coming fast! Anybody else feel that way? I can't believe it is next week! I haven't even gotten Christmas Cards together..I am so behind....I don't even have any bought! all might not be getting any from me unless I get something together on Friday night!

A dear friend of mine (who I could not got through life without), reminded me this week that I need to find my Happy Place this holiday season.  To just stop what I am doing and do something that will make me happy...bring me to that moment of peace....for some it may be sitting by the Christmas tree in silence looking at the lights, for others it may be reading books to your 6 year old little girl in bed every night instead of worrying about the gifts still to buy or presents that need wrapped, or it could be just taking the time to drive around and look at all the beautiful Christmas lights in your neighborhood instead of going Christmas shopping. For me, I am working on this. At the moment, my happy place is when I just sit in my car and listen to the song O Holy Night, it brings me peace.  Have you taken the time to find your happy place this Christmas season?

PS- The See's Candies - can be found online at and you can look up a location that sells them near you.  :)

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Cherish This Life! said...

LOVE this post and what a great idea. I think finding my happy place, even though I am not 100% sure where that is just might be what I really need right now! I hope the show was fantastic and it renewed your holiday cheer level!!!