Monday, December 7, 2009

Sinus infection

Well....I woke up this morning feeling crummy I made myself a doctor's appointment and left work after trying to stick it out for 3 hours. I am not feeling like myself....and the doctor has prescribed me some I have a sinus infection. 

I am so ready for it to kick in and get this gunk out of me! Seriously....I hate feeling this way.  Hubby was feeling better today and headed off to work...he should be home shortly to make me some soup for dinner.

I was just about asleep a half hour ago and someone rang our doorbell. ERRR! I went to the one was there...go figure...just when I was about asleep!

So...I am sipping on some warm decaf coffee and watching White Christmas.  I LOVE THIS MOVIE!

Sounds like the snow is coming tomorrow....the big question much will we get!??? I am will sure put me in the mood for Christmas!

I need to get better real quick...I have bunco and cookie exchange this week, a birthday lunch for a coworker, a holiday lunch at work on Friday, a thirty-one party Friday night and cookie day with my sis, sil, mom and nephew on Saturday. Phew! Did you get all that??

Off to finish my movie and try and get some more rest...stay warm.

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