Sunday, December 27, 2009


Today we had the pleasure of meeting the newest member of our family....Stash!  He is Miss Bella's new cousin...and is just adorable! He is half boxer and half brother and SIL stopped by today to exchange gifts with us and brought Stash with them.  They had just picked him up from the breeder.  So cute! For one minute...I thought I was ready for another puppy....and then reality set in and I realized...Bella is enough dog for us right now.  But Stash can come and play anytime!

He is 6 weeks old....and looks to be like he is going to be a pretty big dog....he just snuggled right up to us all and fell cute!

I am also behind on posting you pics of our Christmas morning snow we had....I took these pics with our new camcorder...still like my camera better for picture taking anyways..

We had a great visit with Jase and Brey...wishing they could have stayed longer...but they wanted to go show Stash his new home.  We loved our gifts from them!! Here are the gifts we gave them....

To Brey we gave a cookbook, coasters and an apron that I ordered from HeatherHillClothing on This picture doesn't show you all how great it really was...but it was awesome..
and she was so excited to get it!!

For my brother, Jase, we gave him a long sleeved tshirt for NWMSU (our alma mater) - they won the National Championship for Division II football this year.

Y received an Itune giftcard and a Mizzou zipped jacket, Hubby received two more blue ray dvds and I received a Mizzou tshirt and giftcard to Target. Thank you for the gifts!!

We also sent a pan of the PW cinnamon rolls that I made a few days ago....going to freeze the rest so that the rest of my family gets some hopefully this weekend. 

Thanks to all of you who have posted comments on "Y". I really appreciate all the thoughts, suggestions and advice.  I think you are is nerves/stress/anxiety related and he is homesick...I feel bad for him as I know it has got to be hard for him.

To answer a few, Y is my Hubby's son from his first marriage. 
He seems to have sleep problems at home as well, but from what his mom has said he hasn't had problems for a few months. 
I don't believe he has any problems when he goes to spend the night with any of his friends.  but then again I am not sure how often he really goes to spend the night with any of them.
He kept Hubby up last night from 11 - 2 crying and wanting his mom and then he woke up this morning and doesn't remember any of it.  (and this was after he already knew he was going to spend the night in our bed with Hubs)
We have asked him if he wants to go see a doctor to see if they can help him and he said no...
it's just acid reflux.
We have stopped all sweets sugar for him at he ate a TON yesterday

We will see how well he does tonight.....I am heading up to the guest room shortly.  I am working tomorrow...and am ready to get out of the house and have some time without the guys....we finally got out today and went to the movie Sherlock Holmes. It felt so good!

Good night all

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