Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sleepin in the guest room

Well I have just finished night three of sleeping in our guest room.  I wasn't going to blog about this topic, but then I thought maybe there is someone out there who is going through a similar circumstance and has some advice.

"Y" (my hubby's son) is 13 years old....and he has always had trouble sleeping.  It has become a routine with him when he comes to our house that he comes into our bedroom every couple of hours and wakes us both up telling us he can't sleep and that his stomach hurts.  We thought we would test this again the first night he was here for this visit and sure about 4 in the morning he was still awake and fighting going to sleep. He didn't want to sleep in his own room. So Hubs told him to get into our bed....and I kindly decided that enough was enough and went into the guest room to sleep.

Sure enough in like 5 minutes he was calmly asleep.  The next night Hubs and I discussed the situation and decided that it was in everyones best interest to just let him sleep in our room with Hubs  (me in the guest room with the dog) instead of all of us waking up every couple of hours....sure worked again and he went right to sleep.

I don't know what it is for sure...he says he gets nervous.....but he has been here enough times now that I would think he would be use to his own room...or am I wrong?  He has his own tv...with hundreds of channels to watch as well as a DVD player, his new iphone which he doesn't want to play with very much (I don't get that!) and he has an iphone to listen too...none of it matters.

He also talks about his stomach hurting....we have taken away all soda, cut off eating after 7, no candy after 5, and still can't get it right.  We have had a discussion with his mom and she has suggested giving him some Mylanta before bed...we have tried that...and it doesn't work. I can honestly say I think he needs to see a doctor about it.  I really think there is something else going on and he just isn't telling us.

I decided to try and do some research online about it last night after they had gone to bed.  Part of what I read said to not worry about it...he will grow out of it and to treasure the time that he still wants to be close to his parents....but the another side of it said there may be something more going on and to have it checked out...especially when he will be 14 in July. 

To be honest, it was cute and fine with me when he was 8 and 9 years old...but now that he is larger than is a bit awkward. 

I want him to feel comfortable and safe....and he says he does....but what Hubs and I don't understand is why he doesn't enjoy his own is every kids dream....and yet...he refuses to sleep in it or anywhere else in the house except in our room. If we are together in a hotel room...he is fine and will sleep in his own bed...but in our house....totally different story. 

I don't know..maybe I am being a little bit over dramatic about the situation. I just wish I could figure it out.

I think this morning...I just needed to write it all out and vent. Thanks y'all.  I will be back later to write about something more entertaining. :) For now I am going to enjoy my quiet time by the fire and drink some java.


Twice as Nice said...

I'm kinda confused as to who "Y" is. Is he your sister's child? I would think at 13 he would want to sleep in his own room. Twin and I are both guilty about letting our kids sleep with us. They decided when they wanted to sleep in their own rooms. Usually around 5-7 they went into their own beds. We didn't see anything wrong with it and they are well rounded kids with no problems. Now 13 is a little bit too old to me. Is it only when he is staying with you guys? Does he do sleep overs with his friends and stay at their house? How is he then? Has he always slept in his own bed at home? No sure what to tell you on this one but I would think it was more deep rooted.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dana...sounds like it might be anxiety. I know I get stomach aches when I get really bad anxiety. Hang in there. When does he have to fly back? If you all want to get out of the house, come on over. Y can play Jackson on the Wii...Jack would LOVE it.

Kara said...

Hi sissie! My thought is that he gets homesick. (Unless this happens when he is at his own house - which it doesn't sound like it does.) From the perspective of someone who used to get homesick (remember?!) that is what it sounds like to me. I would feel physically ill. Which makes sense as to why he is able to sleep with Mike in your room and why he is able to sleep in his own bed in a hotel - because you guys are still right there. Yeah, it sounds silly since he's a teenager, but I was homesick in college. He'll outgrow it. He might just be embarassed to tell you he is homesick because he's a teenage boy. I was embarassed to tell people in college.