Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A bit of this and a bit of that

Today is my day with "Y"....yes...I have taken the day off to spend with him as Hubs is working.  I am really hoping he sleeps till like 10....as he and I stayed up late and watched Home Alone 4 last night after Hubs went to bed. Which, by the way, I do not recommend seeing...but he insisted. The first two are so much better.

So...what is my plan with the teenager today?  Well..I am hoping to keep him BUSY. The plan is to hopefully convince him to go see a movie....and we may go to one of those crazy arcade places so that he can play until he drops.  Hubs says he will be home later afternoon ...I can handle it. Well...at least I think so. ha! :)


Our dining room table has now been converted into a ping pong table. Yes, yesterday the guys went out to Sears and bought the paddles, net and balls and played till Y was tired of getting beat by Hubs.  I can hear many more games being played in the next week.


I think I may take one of our Christmas trees down today....it is sad indeed...but I think it will just give us more room in our family room. I won't take our larger tree down as presents are still under it and I will wait until we get to exchange the rest of the gifts with our family....hoping Friday/Saturday! 


Have you been thinking of any New Year's resolutions? I have! I have my list started and am going to make a commitment to keep them! (ya..right!...welll....I will try at least).


I will leave you with a few more of my FAVORITE Christmas presents

1. I got this coat in black....and I LOVE it!

2. I received the Pioneer Woman's Cookbook for Christmas...I can't wait to use it! And I have been enjoying reading it too!! LOVE THE PW!

3. I also received this CD...which I was wanting since the Christmas season started...
    I can't stop listening to it!!

4. I also received one of those Digital Picture Frames.....Hubs said I needed it.  Now if I could only get him
    let me take pictures of him!

5.  And finally.....I received a pair of lounge pants in the color BERRY......they make me smile every time I    look at them....I think everyone should have a cheerful colored pair of comfy pants!


That wraps it up for me now...Hoping you all are staying warm!

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Twice as Nice said...

Where did you get the coat? I LOVE it. Twin and I both got new coats this year (yes the same one because we both loved it). This dress coat is just what I've been looking for.