Wednesday, January 28, 2009

One already?

Today marks a very special day! It's my little "I"'s first birthday! I just had to share some of the pictures from the last year with you all...he has changed so much!

I remembered this day so well. We were living in Jersey and I was just about to head out the door for work when my sister called to tell me the news. I must confess....that I was hoping for a girl and had guessed that it would be a girl so I was VERY surprised when she said...It's a BOY! WHAT? I couldn't believe it! It didn't take me long to get excited to meet the little guy and spoil him rotten with all kinds of clothes and toys! I remember looking on the internet that morning for gifts for him!

I remember thinking oh how I wish I lived closer and I remember crying to the hubby and God after my first visit to see him and my sister and asking for a way to move back to the midwest to be near them! God heard my prayers and he answered them in a short time!

I would not have traded this past year for anything! Watching him grow into the little boy is absolutely amazing and I am so thankful and blessed! I LOVE being his Auntie D. I wouldn't trade it for the world . He has brought so much joy and laughter into our family. I look forward to many more years of celebrating his birthdays and I look forward to the day when he says my name! Happy Birthday Little "I"! Auntie D and Uncle M love you so much!

Daddy, Mommy, and Little "I"...

Wasn't he precious!

I think this picture must be my favorite one that I received before meeting him.

Wrapped in Great Grandma's quilt. She would have loved him so much!

Feb- My first visit to meet the little guy and he rested on my lap so well!

Taken in March right after we moved back. He came to help us move in!

In April, Auntie D and Aunt Brey were making me take all these crazy pictures with my toys!

Auntie D's first night of babysitting!
May - Helping us move into our new home!

Another night of babysitting in July!

First time at the fair! - August

Bathtime at Uncle J and Aunt Brey's house in the kitchen sink - Sept

Celebrating Grandpa K's us a wink - November

Having fun at Thanksgiving!

Ready for Christmas!

Showing me just a few weeks ago that he is almost one!
Happy Birthday...looks like this next year will be even busier!

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