Monday, January 5, 2009

My first time participating in the "Not me Mondays"...let's see how it goes.

I did not look forward to staying in my pjs at home on New Years Eve and when at the last minute we were invited to a party from one of the hubby's employees, I did not pretend to not feel well in order to not have to go! hey I was already dress for bed at 8:00!

I did not email my boss on Friday morning and tell her that I couldn't come to work as I had to much to do at home. And I most certainly did not spend two hours on the couch that morning watching some of my favorite shows!

I did not almost cry because I took all of the Christmas decorations down and packed them away.

I did not get upset when my hubby asked if he could use the computer while he had control over the remote control to the tv. And I most definitely did not go have a small pity party by myself in our guest bedroom hoping that he would notice and never did!

I did not go to Target and buy the movie Burn after Reading because my hubby told me to get it and it was going to be so good........ and we did not stop the movie in the middle and not finish it. Dumb MOVIE!

And finally....I did not put an 11 lb turkey in our oven to bake last night at 6:00 in hopes that it would be done before bedtime!

Happy Monday!


Sarah said...

PJs on New Years Eve is just fine! You might as well ring in the new year in comfort. I fell asleep at 11.

Brenda said...

I don't know if husbands ever notice that!!!