Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Last night...

Okay…so I did it. I started watching American Idol and ended up watching the entire two hours! Even the hubby watched with me. Did you see it??? What did you think? You know why we watched all the way to the end? We wanted to see the blind guy! I have to give them credit, they had our attention. We are HUGE fans of Andrea Bocelli. And the hubby wanted to see if he is as good as him.

So I guess they won, they will have fans again from our family. Geesh…didn’t take much persuading now did it!?!

I have yet to watch the Biggest Loser; hope to watch that this evening. But may end up watching Idol again, who knows! I can’t believe we were so entertained last night!

So I mentioned yesterday that we are trying to eat healthy. Guess what I forgot I ordered? Girl Scout cookies! Yep, 5 boxes of them! They arrived at my desk this morning! Oh goodness! Going to try and resist! Maybe I will splurge a little this weekend. We’ll see. I mean…I only have them once a year…right?

Hoping everyone stays warm today! Looks like the Artic Air is headed our way! Or maybe it has arrived; I haven’t been outside since arriving to work. I know it was really windy when I was driving to work this morning. It’s cold in our building today, just can’t seem to warm up.

Enjoy your day!

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