Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Look how big I have gotten

As many of you know...we have a dog...a puggle...named Bella (BB). She has been quite entertaining lately and I have realized I haven't posted any recent pictures...so here is our BIG girl. Can you believe how much she has grown?

So this picture is from this morning. I always take a small cup of cottage cheese to work for a snack and one of the containers was empty and she kept whining for it...so I gave it to her...she dragged it over to the rug in front of the stove...and as you can see...she enjoyed it! HA!

Our girl loves to be covered in her blanket. She was so tired from being at daycare yesterday that she wouldn't even move for the picture...and that says a lot about her as she is ALWAYS full of energy!

This past weekend I bought her a new toy. She has already started tearing the eyes off...hasn't found the squeaker quite yet. It's the first thing she grabs in the morning when I am making breakfast. It's her buddy.

No more a puppy...nope not at all. But as the hubby says...she is still a princess and spoiled rotten!
Happy Tuesday!

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