Thursday, January 22, 2009

Change of plans

Today was going to be my day of getting my “to do” list done, I was planning on taking the day off. However, I found out yesterday afternoon that I have a meeting at work today that is impossible to miss. So, here I am…at work. Darn it!

Nothing has gone as planned since yesterday and I feel as if I am off schedule. I am a planner and can’t stand it! I was late getting home last night, late cooking dinner, hubby arrived late, I ended up having to run to the store at 7:30 last night because he decided he needed a new pair of nice black dress pants and shirt for his BIG meeting today. He told me yesterday morning that he thought he had something to wear so not to worry about it, but last night as we were going through his closet we realized he has no dressy shirts that fit in solid colors and no black dress pants that fit.

Off I went to JCPenny’s..they are open till 10:00…I was good to go! Shopping for him is sometimes difficult, especially when the stores have clearance sales as most of his sizes are already picked over. It took me over an hour to find something that I thought would work. No dress pants that collect lint. No shirt that wrinkles. What a chore! I was being cheap too which probably didn’t help matters. I found a pair of pants, really nice and on sale and then I found a dress shirt, which I hesitated to get because I had a gut feeling it might be too big. To the checkout I went and was more than pleasantly surprised that the items I picked out were buy 1 get 1 FREE! I felt so GOOD! A pair of dress pants and a dress shirt for $24.00!! Are you kidding me? Now that was a GREAT FEELING! If I had paid the original price I would have paid over $100.00!

I returned home, he tried on the pants, they fit. Perfect! The dress shirt we decided it should work so no worries. However, this morning when he put it on it was HUGE! My hubby is Big and Tall…but not that Big and Tall! The shirt I will be returning and he ended up using a back up in his closet! Goodness! I must say…he looked mighty handsome this morning. Hoping and praying that all goes well for him today. What a night! I then stayed up too late and watched No Reservations with my muscle man.

It has hit me today at work. I am exhausted!

Hoping to get back on schedule soon. My list is calling my name…..Enjoy the warm weather today! And be sure to tune in tomorrow…

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