Friday, January 23, 2009

Name your favorite...enter for a chance to win blog candy

CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. Winner will be announced later on today.

As is Friday and my first official contest has begun.

A couple of weeks ago while driving to work the talk show hosts were discussing the one beauty product that they CAN'T live without. I thought..hmmm...that sounds like a good thing to use for my first giveaway! Do you know what product you can't go without? I LOTION...and not any Bath and Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar. I cannot go without it...or I am miserable! I am almost 100% sure I could live without anything else....(of course if I was on deserted island)...hehe!

So let us begin. What do you have to do to enter? Leave a comment on my blog telling me the beauty product you CANNOT live without and include your name. One entry per person. The contest will be open until midnight (cst) this Saturday night. I will enter all names from the comments into a basket and my hubby will draw the winner. I will announce the winner on Sunday and then will mail out the prize to you on Monday.

The one of my Bella Bags that I made.....(thanks to one of my Jersey girls for choosing your favorite selection of helped me decide what one to use!)

Good luck to you all and Happy Friday!


K said...

Ok, I tried to comment earlier, but it clearly didn't I'll try again. As no one else has commented, I would totally be ok with getting the Bella Bag by default. Anywho, I just LOVE my Dove facial lotion.

Rachel B. said...

O.K. Kara No winning by default:) I enjoy ready both of your blogs when I have a chance. Have a nice weekend!

Rachel B.


B Lou said...

Lotion, after my shower...must have it on...

B Lou

Leslie N said...

I would have to say mascara, I feel naked without it!

Carol G said...

Bath and Body Lip Gloss! Good flavor and not too sticky! :)